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Elysian Acoustic Labs Diva Review

Written by PrecogVision

For the uninitiated, Elysian Acoustic Labs is a one-man-show based out of Malaysia. Some readers might recall my review of the brand's Annihilator 2021 in which I stated it was a world-class IEM despite the eye-watering $3500 USD price tag. Recognizing the less-than-accessible price tag of the Annihilator 2021, Lee, the man behind Elysian Acoustic Labs, has since released the Diva. The Diva is a 6BA configuration that rests at a more palatable (but still expensive) $1500 USD for the universal version. Like the other Elysian IEMs, it can be purchased through Zeppelin and Co in SG, Stars Picker in Malaysia, or messaging Lee directly on Facebook or WhatsApp. 

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It’s apparent why you chose the mid setting for this review but judging from your comments on the mids and looking at the response curves, it would appear than much of the mid character that may be questioned by some is from lower mid loss in the middle bass setting. I suspect I’d prefer the low bass setting since the mids are what matter most to me. Still great to have bass options for various environments as it would need to be a near dead quiet environment even for my preferences at that setting.

When things get that good it gets easier to pick nits but would be nice for a tweak from the maker to keep the midbass level equivalent on the mid setting.