Woo 33 Abyss model

Any thoughts on this Woo and Abyss collaboration for their 1266 headphones?

Are you talking specifically about the JPS labs edition, which is basically a WA33 with the Alumiloy wiring option and probably $2500 in KR Audio tubes?

I don’t have that specific version or those specific tubes, but the WA33 does work quite well with the 1266. Assuming you’ve decided you like the 1266.
Also works well with the Susvara.
But at that price point there are other amps I’d also consider, Wa33 Elite (upgraded internal components), Viva Egoista 845, and the Riviera AIC.

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I own the WA33 with the JPS labs edition wiring. I had the WA33 basic before. The JPS wiring edition brought a better imaging to all of the instruments. Sound stage was improved too. As a musician I was able to hear the improvement right away. The cost is another thing to consider, but for me it was worth the upgrade.

Thanks, this is very helpful

Glad to be of assistance.