ETA Headphones - Official Thread


Some impressions threads:


I purchased a used pair of Genesis but it only comes with drivers. Currently ETA is offering a full pair of headphones for $875. For those with a Senn HD6x0 headband and focal/hifiman cable, you can purchase the drivers only for $725.

At this moment, I consider Genesis one of the best under $1k headphones you can purchase and they personally beat some of the $1k+ offerings available like LCD-X, Arya, Aeolus, etc. They’re a downsloping headphone that packs a nice punch in the bass and has plenty of clarity throughout the frequency response. It’s a very engaging headphone that makes me want to listen more. As of now, I sold mine to a friend but am waiting for a possible redesign of the enclosure before purchasing my second one.

The biggest drawback with this headphone is the DIY nature of it. It’s a 3D print enclosure with some pieces that are meant to be taken apart for easy access to mod the sound signature. I enjoy stock plus some additional bumpons to add a bit more bass to the sound. I’m hoping there will be a more polished version that gives just enough mod-ability to keep the character of the headphone.

I’m normally a very picky person but I think the Genesis deserves a bit of praise. The ability to tweak the sound to your liking in an affordable package isn’t really something that you see every day. If you have a chance to pick one up, I highly recommend it. It does the best on lower OI amplifiers and isn’t too hard to drive. However, the better your gear, the better it’ll sound.