Extension cables

Just got a pair of AudioQuest NightOwls & am now in need of an extension cable to reach my A/V receiver. 5m minimum length. Any suggestions for a reasonable price/performance ratio? I noticed that old stereo 1/4" cables are difficult to find these days… So far the only one I’ve found that fits my criteria is the Audioquest Golden Gate 5M Mini (3.5mm) Headphone Ext. Cable.

More options would be very welcomed though (including 1/4" jack cables),
Thank you

A few options for 1/4" to 1/4" headphone extension cables at, or longer than, 5m (16.5 feet):

If it was me, for that length of cable, I’d want the fattest conductors available - which would be the PigHog cable.

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Tough topic. Very subjective No doubt there will be many suggestions including plain cable. My experience shows this topic can really blow up. I currently use battery amp for my dap. My personal experience is Cables are like different flavors. Some you like some you don’t. Good luck

Found a local store that has the Grado brand 15’, 1/4" extension cable for $50. This seems like a safe bet for my setup.


Hosa is ok. I thought the radio shack cables were better made honestly. I don’t think you need to spend gobs of money on them, but something shielded is always good. I like the connections to be tight. Evergreen is good, but that’s more made for a conection that is never being moved.

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The Grado cable is a safe bet.

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Another vote for the Grados. I’ve had a set of the extension cables as part of my accessories for years, and if I ever need them, they are always there.

John P

I always have Blue Jeans Cable build mine. I am a musician and I have long favored the AKG 240 Mk II headset. So many muscians and studio engineers use then. Andrew at BJC build 2 sets for my current 240. One is a 25ft Mini XLR to 1/4 inch stereo, the other is a 15 foot mini XLR TO 1/4 inch mono. Andrew tells me they build these cables for a lot of board op in studios. They are made with a super flexible Belden cable and support super quality mini XLR’s and 1/4 phono plugs.

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I should have pointed out the Blue Jean Cable are not extention cables but plug directly into the AKG head phones. I have a Grado extension cable 10 foot, and a Grado 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter that is absolutely first rate.

I had a set built by Amplifier Surgery, 15 ft silver plated. I’m VERY happy with them. I think it cost about $75. They will custom terminate the ends and build to any length. The design is a twisted pair similar to Anticables.

If you have questions, you talk directly to one of the EEs that makes them. Very nice quality. I don’t get to talk about them much. Very clean, they seem to add or subtract nothing from the sound.

Does anyone make an extension cable with 1/4” fittings that has an in-line volume control? See plenty of them in the smaller 3.5mm size, but not doing well finding one with the large fittings. Trying to avoid using adapters…