Cable extender for Bose QC3

Hi all,

I’m wanting my move my TV and reciever amp into the bedroom for winter months. Only problem is I have no room to set up my B&W speakers and would have to use my old Bose QC3 heaphones.

They are very old school cira 2009 QC3’s .

Could anyone please recommend a good cable exteneder to go between the headphone 3.5 and amp or a long 2.5 to 3.5 that will fit my Bose. An extra 2 metres would be ideal.

I’ve seen a few on Amazing but the reviews haven’t been so great.

Thanks, everyone.


If you have a Guitar Center in your area I’ve bought a couple of their 10 foot store branded “Livewire” 3.5mm extension. I got the premium version, blue packaging, and they are quite nice. Meant for pro studio use they are very robust. Cost a few dollars more than Amazon, but worth it.

Mark Gosdin

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Ah I’m in the UK. Thanks for your reply though.

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This is the same type of cable that I recently got for my Sennheiser momentum 4 when I want to use that and wired mode. I had HART Cables make me a 4 foot one in silver. If you go to the Hart audio cables Website, you can get a quote for a less expensive and longer one. Just tell James That you want the same kind of Cable termination as David got for the Sennheiser