Favorite Purchase(s) of 2019

This is a thread top list your favorite purchases of 2019. They don’t necessarily have to be audi-related, but given that this is a headphone forum, it wouldn’t hurt. Maybe you picked up the new Rupert Neve Fidelice or a custom pair of RAD-O headphones. Maybe you sunk a bunch of money on new speakers. Maybe you bought a Schiit Magni Heresy because you only had six headphone amps and one more isn’t going to hurt. Or maybe you bought a new car and didn’t spend any money on audio this year.

Let’s see what you all consider to be your top purchases.


2019 was a very busy year for me. I sold off almost all of the gear I started the year with. The only piece that remains is a pair of headphones - Focal Utopias.

The biggest purchase for me this year was a pair of Wilson Audio Sabrinas that I was able to find second-hand for a very good price. I added a Matrix Audio Element X and Benchmark AHB2 to round out my system. Now I have a very consolidated headphone and speaker setup that meets all my needs (for now) and, surprisingly, wasn’t too pricey (when compared to MSRP).


In terms of non-audio-related purchases, I picked up a road bike this past spring and have already logged 1-2 thousand miles on it including a few short tours, a trip up and down the tallest mountain in North Carolina, and several flat/speedy rides in the Salt Lake City/Ogden areas.

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2019 brought me into hifi headphones with the purchase of the LCD-X back in February (Birthday present to myself). Father’s Day brought me the RNHP (perfect match for the X’s), and now in 2020 I want to complete this audio chain with a good dac.


Focal Clears…absolutey superb!


My favorite purchases for 2019 are the ZMF Verite and the Focal Elegia. I hope 2020 brings me a planar haha.


The Audeze LCD-3, Focal Stellia, and ifi xDSD.

Regrets: thx 789, smsl su-8, Denon D-9200.

Verdict still out in lcd-i4 and schiit Loki. Both are in positive category thus far.

My goal for 2020 is to appreciate what I have more and stop spending money.


Favorites are the Solaris SE & Cayin n6ii


ECP DSHA-3f Ravenswood. Hands down best purchase of 2019.


I think this sums of my favorite purchases of the year in each category with the sources and amps in the background.


My inner child is a basshead, and is jealous of your Fostex.

Time to spank the little bastard back into submission. I will NOT buy a TH900. I will not! … Probably.


My best purchases came late in the year, but they probably are the 64audio U12t, Sony IER-M9, Sony WM1A and Fostex X00 Ebony !

This is definitely the year I spent the most on audio, but I’m glad I did, because I got to try all the major TOTL iems (VX, Z1R, KSE, Solaris, M9, Legend X, Wraith, Khan, U12t, Andromeda, W80, etc.) and a lot of cool gear too (RME ADI-2 DAC, ZMF Aeolus, Focal Stellia/Elex, Hifiman Arya/HE1000, Audeze LCD2 Classic, Beyerdynamic DT1990, Sennheiser HD600/650/800/820, Stax L700/007 mk2, THX 789, Woo Audio WA8, iFi Pro iDSD, etc.).

Hopefully the fun will continue for this year, but with a little less spending :wink: !


Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed with a From Big Island [Headphonelounge.com] solid silver cable


Beautiful pictures @antdroid…you’re making me want to take up photography.

as best purchases for 2019

Focal Elegia and ifi xDSD - I love both and could get away with just the 2, as 95% solution

Edit - ah… forgot the Tin Hifi T4, I respect a lot for the price/performance

the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro, SMSL SU-8, THX AAA 789 and HiBy R5 … a mix of soso … depends and not sure yet … I´m very bad at sending stuff back and even worse with selling

for 2020

hope for my Hifiman Ananda in the next weeks to finally arrive and
RME ADI 2 v2 after first reviews hit the forums… will pull the trigger
AND the OTL BC builds after my best buddy became father yesterday… the baby could move our builds into spring - we´ll see :slight_smile:

my unicorn for spring 2020 is still the planned audition of the ZMF lineup in heidelberg, I had to cancel in autumn


Without a doubt, something completely different in sound, fit, comfort, and driving requirements; the RAAL SR1a. It’s not a benchmark, to my ears and with my (classical) music its about as close an approach to the truth of the sound (good, bad, and ugly) as I’ve ever experienced. The transducer, for me, is the most important component in a chain after the recording quality.



I couldnt agree more here!!!

Its all about the transducer and your material!


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I bought too much audio gear this year lol… I blame @Torq @ProfFalkin @taronlissimore @andrew


ZMF Aeolus, Verite, Verite closed


Focal Elegia

Campfire Audio Andromeda Golds

Audeze LCD-GX

Cayin N6ii

Schiit Hel

Phonitor XE

Cayin Ha-1a mkii tube amp

And my surprise purchase that I really like is the Koss Porta Pros…just waiting on some Yaxi pads!


The best purchase I made in 2019 is probably a THX AAA 789 amplifier. Coupled with my Topping DX7 it’s really a pleasure to listen to as it’s really clean. That, and the fact I may finally stop hearing representatives of manufacturers telling me that I can’t review their stuff because my amplifiers are not powerful enough (even though I have fairly powerful devices).


Focal Clear and the Focal Arche

I want to thank headphones.com for all the help with the selection. And for the people on this forum for the responses to my “newbe” questions. A special thanks to Caleb Scott, Taron, and of course Ian/Torq.

It sounds a bit dramatic but this equipment along with Qobuz/Roon has significantly changed my life, ie., enjoyment of music.