@andrew @taronlissimore Might as well start the "New Year with another “Favorite Gear Purchase” Who gave us the topic for last year. @TylersEclectic It was well-replied to and viewed.

Which brings me to mine. Having sold my my beloved Focal Clears last year, I decided to buy another pair. I could not get “them out of head”. I had to get them back again. In over 40 years buying gear, this is the only time I remember buying again the same item. My purchasing again of the Focal Clears was not as much as how favorite they were to me, but the experience of who I bought them from.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, it was none other than Headphone.com . There was a snafu at the warehouse and Andrew and Taron stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. Not only did they get it right, but they floored me. They went way beyond the call of duty.

Andrew and Taron, I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, consideration, customer service and wonderful community you provide us with.

Three cheers and hats off.



Taron fixed me up on a recent order too. Answered a ton of questions, fixed a thing, and I’m right as rain. Really was great customer service. Thanks Taron!



Purchased last weekend at an event where Dan Clark (Mr. Speakers) was at. Even got a signed box out of the deal, along with a swig of scotch. Very nice chap that Mr. Clark. Easy to chat with about all things audio.


I will also second or third the headphones.com team for their outstanding customer service!

My favorite 2019 purchase thus far is the Kanas Pro from Moondrop. It’s a very well-rounded, neutral IEM. I got to listen to the Andromeda-S tonight from a local head-fier and while it’s not quite to the same detail level and separation as that, it’s pretty darn close. The S model is supposedly a tad smoother in the mids and a little bassier than the stock Andros, but man, after listening to the S – the Andros may be on my shopping list this year for real. :slight_smile:


Taron is a great fellow. He and headphone.com made my buying experience a great one. So helpful and always keep you informed at each stage of the process. Highly recommend them.


I got a set of Sony 7520s and pleasantly surprised at how much I like them.


I will be in receipt of a random bit of kit here in the coming weeks, that I had the good fortune of finding on sale, once it gets in I think it maybe on of my favorite purchases of 2019. The gear is from a couple years ago but still I’m excited, hopefully it sounds as good as it looks…


Old finds can be some of the best gear out there.


It is only a couple years since it was released…but hard to find in the states, and doesn’t get much attention apparently here in the states.

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I’m intrigued. Let us know when you get it.

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So far it is a toss up between the Astell&Kern A&Ultima SP1000M:

And the Chord Hugo M-Scaler:


I wouldn’t have to think about that choice.

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Just got it in a couple hours ago…and only have a couple songs into it after warm up but…yes, I really like this!

Edit: I’ll try and find time this weekend to get a real picture of my new toy…




Not as high end as some of you but I am really happy with my VE Monk earbuds and my new ES100! Good things in small packages…


Is tube replacement simple on this amp?

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Purty! Congrats

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@rrwwss52 it isn’t as easy as the BHC :wink: but you just remove the side panel and pull the tubes that way…I’ll be doing this sometime in the next week or two when my new tubes arrive.

@ProfFalkin Thank you… it was a random winter time blues purchase lol, it was on sale and I really like the look of it.

And as promised a better picture of my new “Portal” into audio alongside of the Preview program HD820 “Portals” into audio. A lil Glass on Glass crime lol


Oh my word that’s really beautiful. Such a warmth coming out of your picture. Very nice.


I have bought several items this year. My absolute favourite would have to be the Burson Fun amp, although I am having an issue that may warrant a return for servicing.

My biggest surprise of the year is definitely the Schiit Loki! This thing is amazing. My favourite headphones (Grado and Beyerdynamic’s) are a little bass light. I am no bass head and don’t care for hip/hop, techno, trance, etc.

However there is some bass in rock, pop and jazz that I feel I might be missing. When I try to EQ with DAP it goes from barely noticeable straight to too boomy. With the Loki I can max the bass and the sound is crystal clear. Florence and the Machine actually use a lot of bass drums and this brings them out Large!
However it does NOT insert bass where there is none.

It has perfected my Grado’s and in the next week or two I will start working on the Beyer’s.

Great addition to any system for not a lot of money. Here are my Grado settings:

I really have to mark the knobs to make them easier to read.

Shane Dj