Final Audio D8000 over-ear planar magnetic Headphones - Official Thread

Excellent review.


That was a very good video review. I like that format better than the Verite or Auteur reviews. It seemed more concise. Keep up the good work!

A question for you… Assuming the following (see below), where would you put the perceived treble energy - or quantity - of the D8k pro?

Auteur/Verite - Great / almost perfect
HD600 - Flat, but dry
HD800 (stock) - Sharp / long exposure akin to spousal abuse
DT1990 - Sonic murder.

Most of the Final Audio stuff I’ve heard (their entire product line circa 2017) would be somewhere in between the assault and battery to murder range. Maybe in the sonic manslaughter area. I’m not being facetious, that was my take away at the time.

So, basically, given my prior experience I’m surprised that your description of it’s treble isn’t that it’s overly bright, especially looking at the fr graphs.

Asking for a friend.

No I’m not.



Great review!!

Also I’m positive most people listen at unreasonable listening volume, based on my demoing gear and headphones at work and with friends… Maybe it’s a ENT doctor conspiracy!!! Let’s all throw out tinfoil hats on! Lol!


I love those descriptions haha. Yeah I was also surprised that the D8K Pro has such smooth treble for the energy it does have - especially throughout the consonant range, which I’m particularly sensitive to. If you’ve heard the original D8K, it’s not like the rest of the Final Audio stuff (Sonorous / Pandora Hope), which I’d agree has treble between battery and murder. But I did find the original D8K to be less smooth in that range than the D8K Pro. Still fairly inoffensive compared to both the DT-1990 and the HD800, but weirdly because of the Pro’s ability in the treble, I think it’s even less offensive. Still bright, but really not piercing or harsh. I think maybe a bit closer to the HiFiMAN Ananda in the treble, just with better detail and separation. So I guess I’d have to say somewhat close to the HD800s, but it’s not as shrill throughout the rest of the treble for modern music the way I find that to be, and certainly not similar to a stock HD800 either.


Thank you. I appreciate that. =)


Looks like Final are releasing a new flagship IEM in the 8000 series. The A8000 . Looks like it’s going to have beryllium drivers.


Honestly it has to be one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve put on my head. The weight is not an issue and listening to Black Sabbath’s Master of reality ( 1973) is an amazing experience. I like the D 8000’s as much as the LCD XC and that is a headphone that really agrees with me. :slight_smile:

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Think they just announced the price today at 198,000yen.

Meaning they’re competing with IEMs like IER-Z1R or Campfire Solaris

Got these yesterday have been listening to them off an on around my other headphones. The first thing to stand out is the bass I find it has good impact. For the cable I’m using a cheap silver 4 pin xlr I got off Amazon and it connects perfectly.

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I tried the D8000 (non-pro) connected to the Mass Kobo 394II amp last weekend. The highlight was definitely the bass, it slams like no other and has plenty of extension and rumble. Kickdrums were a treat to listen to. My local store should be swapping out the non-pro for the pro edition in the future, so I’m looking forward to it.


Find the reference against the HE-500 interesting. Surely completely different ballparks, in all technical aspects?

And it’s been known to pop up around 2400 USD here in Aus, the normal D8000, at that price point, is it as good as it gets? I’ve had the Verite, loved them, but not quite for the price.

Completely unrelated to my “What’s in the box” post.

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That’s not a pony…

LOL, how do you like it?

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Stuck it on the grass, jumped on and yelled “giddy up”.

Should have bought a Pony.


Any particular amp matchings you recommend? My thoughts are a SS with a warmer tilt. V280 / V281 maybe? iFi iCan?

Pro iCAN is always a great option for versatility and the ability to tube it up ever so slightly. I’m not familiar with the V280.

Did you ever try EQ on the D8KP? Nudge the 3k dip up a touch maybe?

I’d have to re-measure it on the new rig. Maybe I’ll do an EQ profile for one in the near future haha.

In your video review of these, at about 3:33 when youre talking about the headband and how you can just buy a ZMF strap, you say “or the lobe strap”. What are you referring to there? My google-fu isn’t working.

Lohb strap was an old headband mod for Audeze headphones before they moved to the wider style. But I’ll be doing an updated review of it on the new channel here shortly with the ZMF strap instead.