Final Audio D8000 over-ear planar magnetic Headphones - Official Thread

The photo of Brise Audio’s MIKUMARI-Ref.2 cable with 4pin XLR with D8K Pro.


You should contact with Brise Audio : Japanese company who are producing very high performance cables for Headphones and Earphones. Their English site is available here: Briseaudio Highend audio cable company. My recommendation is MIKUMARI-Ref.2 for D8000 Pro. You will be able to experience the quite different super high-quality sound with this cable.
Of course, they are able to supply 4pin XLR, 4.4, 3.5 and 6.3 plug versions.

Did you make the strap yourself? Got some dims?

And just used the existing screws, or had to get longer ones?

I did make it myself. I just fit it to the headband so I don’t have dims. I was able to use the existing screws. Just be careful not to over tighten when you put it together since the screws go into plastic. I set it up so that the strap just doesn’t quite touch the headband and that got rid of any hotspots I got without it.

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I have a gently used D8000 in the crosshairs and hopefully will buy it in the next day or two.

Wish me luck!

How much does that Brise Audio MURAKUMO-2 balanced cable cost? I really want a balanced cable but it sounds kind of unlikely that I could get an adapter or short cable that would take me from stock Final locking 2.5mm jack to a female 3-pin XLR (ZMF/Audeze style).


Good luck!

I know different cable companies make these, but I’ve bought adaptors from Double Helix in the past. They’re not cheap but they are well made and use good components. You can ask if they’ll do one for the D8000.

Or if you want to go cheaper, I bet Hart would make one.

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Just bought the D8000…I’m pumped to finally get these going IMS.

When they arrive I’ll take pix of the jacks–admittedly the jacks will be SE, not balanced, but at least the locking thing & overall length will be apparent.

Then I’ll approach Double Helix (thanks for that suggestion); Hart; also Norne Audio, since I bought a terrific pair of 6" silver connectors that let me use ZMF/Audeze balanced cables w/the 2.5mm inputs on my (since sold w/connector cables) HEX v2.


Here is a terrific overview on it. :slight_smile:

He lost me at “too much bass”.


It is a good, honest review. Amos is awesome. The guy is all integrity.
Gives you decent buying power.


Is a comment on “there can never be too much bass” idea.

I have a D8000. It has correct levels of bass :smiley:


X-post from audeze thread

LCD-R vs D8000 Pro

My gently used D8000 is in the house–so gently used that it looks brand new (a pleasant surprise). Thanks to The Music Room for a fair price, accurate description of this headphone, and exceptional packaging.

Heard it last night for ~30" IMS. Having to work around a migraine (which makes headphone-listening quite unpredictable), I think I heard pretty much the same thing I heard back at CanJam NYC 2018: an extremely well voiced planar headphone with slight warmth, well above average resolution, and exemplary rendition of tone, timbre, and space in recordings. The sound is balanced, even-handed, dynamic when called upon (but not overly so) – overall somewhat reminscent of the ZMF Verite Open in its refusal to sound stressed, vague, or out-of-control.

I’ve heard & owned a number of planars: sonically this one is (at least so far) up there with the very best.


Another (brief) listening session w/the D8000 last night, this time on the Lake People G109-A single-ended amp. Discovered a couple things:

  • The D8000 isn’t especially amp-picky, but it does scale with better amplification (last week it sounded slightly bigger/better on the V281)

  • It’s very efficient and doesn’t require huge power to sound good–but like every other planar I’ve heard, it likes power and, particular volume settings aside, tends to sound a little better on a stronger amp

  • The D8000 continues to surprise me by sounding more precise, composed, and musically transparent at lower volumes than any planar I’ve ever heard. Most planars sound bigger/stronger at higher volumes, but this one sounds very good at low to moderately low volumes.

Up 'til now, any headphones I’ve heard that do “plankton” well (readily reveal small cues in recordings & recording spaces) had dynamic drivers – but the D8000 does this as well as any dynamic I’ve heard. This is surprising to me.

The D8000 is large and a bit physically imposing, but it can deliver delicate, revealing sound. IMO its resolution is high for a planar, yet that resolution doesn’t come with the usual price of brightness or edginess.

IMO whoever voiced the D8000 really knew what they were doing…


I have a perfectly secure lock with the 3.5mm connector/adapters for my Double Helix Prion 4 Spore cable - I originally ordered them for my Sony MDR-Z1R (to stack on the native termination - Utopia connectors). They are not at risk of falling out and work great (balanced separate cables terminated into XLR 3pin).

+1 on the observation re:amp pairings, I have a sense this could be overlooked by the old “it’s loud enough when I turn it up so my amp is sufficient to drive” logic.

Just for fun I am listening right now out of the speaker taps of my ML 585 (200W at 8 Ohm) - massive step up compared to less powerful amps, e.g. HSA-1a, Hugo 2, Liquid Fire, … Even though D8000 is far more sensitive (& sensible) compared to HE-6, it reacts equally well (or even more so, as it is a better headphone overall) to being connected to overpowered amps; unexpected for me as I didn’t predict it from the specs.
Music is more dynamic, with cleaner separation, wider stage. No adverse impact to tonality.