FiR Audio Frontier, M, and VxV Series - Official Discussion Thread

This thread is to discuss the main offerings from FiR audio which can be divided into two series. Founded by the Bellos brothers, who are most well known for founding 64 audio, they recently started about three years ago. Recently, they have been experiencing a great amount of success in the audiophile and pro space with their offerings that all have excellent build quality, unique technology such as Kinetic Bass and Atom Venting, and in my personal experience fantastic customer service.

The Frontier series, which is more indented for audiophiles:

  • NE4

  • KR5

  • XE6

The M Series,

  • M5

  • M4

  • M3

  • M2

And their every-day carry IEMs:

  • VxV

There’s been a long running thread over on Head-Fi and I figured I’d finally one running here.

Happy discussing and I look forward to your thoughts and opinions.

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