First impressions of the Audeze Mobius

I had the opportunity to try the Mobius at CanJam in LA. I think it’s going to be a game-changer.

  1. It’s a wireless planar magnetic headphone from Audeze for under $500
  2. It’s a gaming headphone that doesn’t look cheesy
  3. It has game-changing DSP that gives a realistic 3D audio experience

Any of those things alone would be exciting. The fact that their all in one package is unbelievable.

I only spent a few minutes with them, but I was immediately impressed. I didn’t get to watch the demo of Battlefield. I just listened to a normal track on Sankar’s phone and got to experience the total trip of 3D audio being applied to music. This was an early prototype, and there were times when it felt like the 3D experience was a little too aggressive. They’ll probably get that all ironed out before they start shipping.

Overall, I’m very excited for these to hit the market - I think projects like this are the future of personal audio.

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