Focal Azurys Measurements & Official Discussion

This is the place to discuss all things Focal Azurys, Focal’s latest closed-back release for 2024.

Here are the measurements:

B&K 5128

Note the 6.3khz peak goes away completely depending on clamp pressure and pad deformation. More clamp pressure yields a null in that specific spot.

GRAS 43AG (KB5000)

:point_right: :point_right: :point_right: :point_right: The following should be considered less perceptually relevant data unless things are very wrong :point_left: :point_left: :point_left: :point_left:

Harmonic Distortion @ 110dB

Excess Group Delay:


  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Good isolation
  • Sound is somewhat ‘Harmanlike’ just with a slight timbre shift to the ear gain, causing a hint of glare at 3.5khz.
  • Distortion is kept in check, even at extremely high volumes - I also couldn’t get it to clip even above 107dB
  • Subjective qualities are good, but maybe not quite as tactile and hard hitting as what you get on some of the other Focal models.

Overall, this is a solid, competent release from Focal. I don’t like it quite as much as the Radiance but there’s not much to complain about acoustically. With this release, it strikes me as Focal trying to produce something a bit more conventional with a broader appeal. While I don’t think it outshines the other ‘good’ closed-back headphones, of which there are few, I’d comfortably place the Azurys in that category.


I really hope they bring some units to canjam to try out. I am still on the hunt for a good closed back I can daily drive on the commute/at work, but also enjoy at home on my setup.

We’ll have units at CanJam SoCal for sure and Focal definitely will as well!

Before Resolve stole them from me, I had the chance to use the Azurys for a couple of days and quite liked them. I generally daily drive IEMs or my Bathys but for me, the Azurys has a better out of the box tuning than the Bathys and it’s also quite a bit lighter.

Not a huge fan of the cable but that’s easily replaced. I’ve already got a pair bookmarked for me when they start shipping. Plus, while Resolve hates fun things, I actually like them and so the colour is right on the mark for me. Bring more fun to audio!


What is this “fun” thing you’re talking about? I maintain… the Elegia is Focal’s best looking headphone, followed closely by Utwopia.


Oh, sorry, I should have specified canjam London, my bad

I currently daily drive airpods pro 2 (mainly because they are convient) but I am definitely looking forward to testing the ZMF Bokeh in London too (ZMF told me they will bring several units for sale and demo)

Anyways, I am really curious to give the Azurys a shot. They definitely look very fun and colorful and that’s always a win in my book. Life is sad and boring. Let my headphones at least be funky (or in my case, usually also my custom cables I get for them)

I am really curious how I vibe with the different take on the focal sound this time. I demo’d the Celestee a while ago in a store and I was very very much underwhelmed about how “muffled sounding” they were.

If anyone is in Chicago or visiting. There is a store called ABT that sells focal closed backs.

I am looking at this for the office as a decent all rounder for long listening sessions. So light weight would be preferred