Focal Hadenys Measurements & Discussion

This is the place to discuss all things related to the Focal Hadenys, Focal’s latest open-back release for 2024. If you’d like to discuss the closed-back Azurys, there’s a dedicated thread for that.

Here are the measurements

B&K 5128:


The key feature to note here is the shifted ear gain that can come across as a 3.5khz peak. But apart from that, this is quite impressive for an open-back headphone.

:point_right: :point_right: :point_right: :point_right: The following should be considered less perceptually relevant data unless things are very wrong :point_left: :point_left: :point_left: :point_left:

Impedance curves (for Hadenys and Azurys)

Harmonic Distortion

Excess Group Delay


  • Measures similarly to Azurys, but I prefer the Hadenys. It has smoother mids, and I hear that 3.5khz quirk as more of a timbre feature than anything fatiguing or glaring.
  • Important to note - it is quite rare to find an open back headphone with a bass shelf that rises up into the sub bass like the Hadenys does. Usually they elevate much higher up in frequency and can’t achieve this kind of elevation.
  • Distortion is also better than the HD 6 series headphones, on the better end of moving coil headphones even if not as good as competing planars. Still, this will have no problem with EQ should you want to. They also don’t clip at 107dB like some of the older Focals do, so boosting the bass through EQ or high OI sources shouldn’t cause that issue.
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable, around 300g. Much lighter than Focal’s previous headphones.
  • Subjectively good but not quite as hard hitting on the attack as the Clear, Elex or Utopia, likely due to the increased overall bass presence. At the same time, these new ones sound more spacious in part due to not having the 1.5khz forward character of the older models.

Overall I’m quite impressed by the Hadenys. It doesn’t supplant the HD 600 series in terms of natural timbre, nor does it keep up with the Clear for its sense of tactility and intensity. But its overall response is likely to garner a more broad appeal. It’s a competent, well-tuned open back headphone with a bass shelf in the right spot to keep the mids clean sounding. It also responds well to EQ for those wanting to dial things in. I’ll post my profile for these shortly.


So, first thought. What would these new Focals sound like with the Bathys Pads? Assuming that they would fit.

I’m not a EQ fan, even though I do use EQ with Speakers when I feel it’s needed. Changing pads to address issues is something that I would do.

Mark Gosdin

@Resolve did swap the Bathys pads onto them and measured them he may not have had a proper seal the clip. He did not feel the Bathys ear pads made a difference that was positive though.

However, the Hadenys is one that he thinks is quite good without EQ. He’s just an EQ nerd so he needs to EQ everything, even in his dreams :wink:


Good. It’s fine to be an EQ Nerd, after all we are all nerds or we wouldn’t be here. :grin:

Mark Gosdin


Do these new pads feel more sturdy than the Bathys pads?

Wow! For me at least, that was the best headphone review video I have ever seen! I love the section on EQ, especially as you talk about what you are correcting and why. Then you spend a good amount of time discussing how these new headphones compare to other headphones on the market.

Not to mention a shoutout to my favorite band :sunglasses:

Bravo! :clap:

I have to admit, it makes me wish you did a video (or forum post) on EQing the Focal Clear. The whats and whys would be very useful to know.


There seems to be quite a bit of 3rd harmonic distortion from 150 Hz downwards, which is potentially audible compared to second order distortion. Is the 600/650 like this at 110 dB? Not that I would be listening that loud anyway, but I’m curious.

Honestly think these look absolutely great, as someone who has owned all the Focals at some point or another these do seem to fulfill something new.

Under 300g is really nice, and the form factor, while still having the Clear Mg driver. I wonder if the driver has the same range of motion as the full size Clear? I think that comparison will be very interesting. What a price too, £599 is cheap for Focal, yet this seems very good after that touch of EQ…Bravo Focal for keeping it fresh.

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@Resolve any good case for getting these if you already own the Elex and use EQ?

Listening to your review (missed the visuals, since i was at work) it sounds like a few steps forward and a few steps back. Or a “sidegrade” in audiophile parlance.

Smoother treble, better comfort and soundstage would be pluses, but the biggest draw of the Elex for me is the dynamics (which seem diminished here?).

My comfort issues with the Elex are minor, and the pads are my favorite ever feel wise (haven’t had them long enough to know how they’ll hold up, but I’ve already pre-ordered a couple more pairs, lol).

Under 5% at 110dB is quite good for dynamic driver headphones. The HD 6 series easily exceeds 10% here.

Under normal listening conditions it would be closer to 1%. I’ll need to post the other volumes, I just happened to be on a flight when all of this went live.


They use the same mechanism as the Bathys ear pads so the clips are definitely still a little flimsy. It’s not a big deal if you aren’t consistently taking off the ear pads but for those that do so often, that’s probably an area with some extra ear pads will be needed.

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Thanks, I was mostly thinking in terms of how the Bathys pads are quite soft and wear out sooner than I’d like.

Ahh these pads are micro fibre with memory foam. They’ll likely last longer than the Bathys pads but they’re also going to be more prone to discolouration since they aren’t black so there is a trade off there.

Luckily, if the Bathys ear pad prices are the same for the Hadenys / Azurys they should only come in at $60 a pair instead of $200!


That’s good news, I’ll definitely check the two Focal releases at CanJam London.

Still got time to catch a flight to Munich :wink: . @GoldenSound just landed, could have got you guys on the same flight!

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lol I wish, have fun in Munich. I’ll live vicariously through you guys!