Focal Clear and Elex pad swap

I actually kind of like this look, it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would.

I really like this look, it adds a nice contrast to all the black.

And together:

Honestly only listened to these this way for a little bit…but not much of a difference, if any.
I will say the Clear pads are a more quality pad. better made and have a better feel to them…too bad they soak up the sweat so easily and aren’t the easiest to keep clean. Next time Dekoni does a Massdrop for the Focal line I’ll pick up the fenestrated sheep skin to see how that goes.

What do you fellow forum folks think? which one do you prefer?


You’re getting damn good with that camera bud.:grin:


I think the black pads on the Clear look a bit better than the grey pads on the Elex.

The Clear pads on the Elear (I’ll have to post a picture later) look pretty sharp though. The silver accents on the Elear make a surprising difference.


I think you are right, the silver accents of the Elear would really make a striking looking pair of headphones. I also kind of like the Black on Clear! I wasn’t paying attention and forgot to remove my headband cover on the Clears for the pictures. That is there just to keep the headband from getting too dirty with use.

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The Elex pads on the Clear look great! The contrast between them looks quite nice, especially with the upgrade on the photography side!

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Yeah I have swapped more or less permanently to the black pads on the Clear. Hopefully Massdrop drops them again!

Yeah I have been trying to take a picture a day to get better at photography…I also bought a couple of books on taking better pictures, and a course book…but time is not my friend, and when I do have time to do something either the wife or daughter will end up taking all of it up (which I really don’t mind, I only get the one time with them after all in this life).

Edit: the Elex is really hard to photograph, the black mesh always looks chipped or off color. Also the Elex mesh is nowhere near as nice or quality as the Clears, if you zoom in on the pictures it is apparent, and could be the reason why it isn’t photogenic.


I have the very same habit of covering the headband. It may sound silly to some and it can certainly look silly but with the non replaceable Focal Clear headband (as far as I’m aware) it makes sense to do so. Anyway it’s only my wife and children who mock me and I can deal with that. :grin:

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Oh how I know these feels! :wink:

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