Focal Radiance - Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread

Did you get some help from


You bring up an interesting point that I had. I had my Stellia for a year and complained there was no bass. Everyone else said I was wrong about the Stellia. I recently bought a new set of OEM pads and wow the bass is there. These pads are also thicker and fuller. This makes me wonder if there is some variance in these pads that focal needs to address.


yeah, wow! That’s a shame you didn’t have them from the start. They definitely have bass haha. Glad you got if figured out! Enjoy!

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Which pads exactly? Do you have a link?

I bought new Stellia pads. They were used but barely. Same as Focal pads.

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I feel sorry for your wallet…replaced my clear pads not too long ago

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Thanks. It´s a bummer you had to replace them.

Well I’d have to replace them anyway. It’s good to replace pads over time.

I currently own the Elegia and I love them, however, I often times find myself craving more in the lower end. I’ve heard these satisfy that craving so I’m on the edge of my seat trying to figure out if I should trade them in for a pair of the Radiance.

Or a pair of Celestee.

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I’ve been doing some Radiance rediscovery as we happen to have two in the office and they’ve been great for putting my head down and getting work done. I’ll need to get the Celestee back from @TylersEclectic to do some A/Bing eventually but I’ve really been enjoying my second go round with the Radiance. Definitely the bassiest Focals.

This second go round, the warmth has been somewhat accentuated as I’ve been using both the @ampsandsound Kenzie OG as well as the Feliks Audio Euforia.

Listening to my favourite synth and ambient mixes in the office on the Radiance with either tube amp has been audio bliss and I honestly don’t remember the Radiance being this bassy on my first go round with them.

This is my first real run with tube amps and I’m loving the experience. They made the Radiance move above the Celestee for me in terms of sound but I haven’t heard the Celestee on this setup yet either so maybe they’ll take the crown back!

Some quick tracks for the bass:


What is this “Celestee” you speak of… :eyes:


Just a quick brag on

I placed my order on 3/15 at 12:47pm

My order was delivered on 3/16 at 10:07am (this was after routing it to my closest Fedex store)

22 hours shipping- Holy heck you guys!

Thanks again @taronlissimore @andrew and the crew! Also loving the Radiance- very fun sound signature.


I should have a pair of these incoming next week! Does anyone have a Dap they pair with these that has good synergy for sound?

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Any other impressions of the Radiance over the Celestee??

Focal Radiance Headphones Unboxing First Look

Live stream scheduled for this Saturday too! Will drop the link next have a wonderful week everyone! Cheers :beers:


Today at 1 pm PT Los Angeles joined by the man, the myth the legend @ProfFalkin hope to see you all!!!


Wondering if the Radiance would compliment well my Clear MG. Thoughts/advice?

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Heard the Clear MG on Friday and had the Radiance over for Demo for couple days.

I wouldn’t personally. I think the Clear MG is a good headphone. Radiance I just can’t recommend, personally.

You need a closed back?

If you need a closed back and can describe what you want, I have heard quite a few at this point.