Focal Celestee - Closed-Back Headphones - Official Discussion Thread

Focal’s newest luxury closed-back headphone is here. Announced on January 28th, the Celestee is Focal’s successor to their Elegia.

Price on the Celestee is $990 USD, $1290 CDN

OP will be updated with specs and additional details soon.

Don’t miss the live stream at 9am PST (12pm EST) on The HEADPHONE Show where @Resolve and @DarthPool will be chatting with Focal about the ins and outs of the Celestee and giving one away!


  • Closed-back headphones for home and on-the-go use
  • Outstanding design, fine materials and Navy Blue finishes, with Soft Copper details
  • Remarkable sound performance: incredible bass extension, and tonal balance unrivalled in their category
  • Low impedance (35 Ohms) to ensure uncompromising use with a portable audio player

Technical Specifications

Type Circum-aural closed-back headphones
Impedance 35 Ohms
Sensitivity 105dB SPL / 1 mW @ 1 kHz
THD 0,1 % @ 1 kHz / 100 dB SPL
Frequency response 5Hz – 23kHz
Speaker driver 15/8" (40mm) Aluminium/Magnesium ‘M’-shaped dome
Weight 0.95lb (430g)

What’s In The Box?

  • Focal Celestee Closed-Back Over-Ear Headphones
  • Carrying Case matching Celestee colours
  • 4 ft. (1.2m) mini-jack (3.5mm) cable with a 1/4" (6.3mm) adapter
  • Owner’s manual

Wow, looks very nice!

These photos are better than those leaked :slight_smile:


Functionally, is it the exact same as the rest of the Focals. Headband shape, size etc?

Resolve will have measurements but yes, has same interchangeable ear pads, 3.5mm headphone connection, etc…

More details here Focal Celestee High-End Over-Ear Closed-Back Headphones |

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Damn, thats a good lookin headphone.

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The real question is how this headphone is pronounced!

I’m betting on se-les-tée

I’m glad it’s $990 instead of $999…sounds more inexpensive like that! lol


They make up for the $9 in pad sales. Heh.


As a pink frog I have mock Swedish ancestry, so I’m betting on shill-lust-twee.


same same - but very pretty nonetheless

There’s no shortage of names in this hobby that can be mispronounced all too easily. Audeze/Odyssey still wins the grand prize. But here I don’t see un accent aigu, so it must be Celestee as in yipee, right?! :grinning:

Pronunciation aside, it is a beautiful color.

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I wonder how close an Elegia with leather pads will sound to the Celestee. I put Dekoni sheepskins on mine and it boosted the bass while giving the treble an ever so slight smoothing. Mids sound a bit different to me, not recessed, but not as forward, though it could be placebo.


The Celestee live stream with Focal starts here in five minutes:


So … how’s the sound? :slight_smile:


I’m grabbing a pair for myself based on my impressions before @Resolve snatched them.

Pretty different from the Radiance where the Radiance was pretty warm. I’d say the Celestee is a lot closer to the Clear in closed-back form. But why listen to me when @Resolve will have a review up in the next day or two :wink:


It’s too bad there isn’t a loaner tour of the Celestee and Radiance so we can figure out which fits our preferences better when deciding which to buy from




Radiance isn’t available anymore, right? Or maybe I missed something? I was working during the livestream while listening/watching.

It was great to see 1200 people in the live chat, although it was crazy!!




Radiance is still available for dealers that still have units. But there are no more Radiance being made since it was a limited run.

The Celestee is a permanent part of the line-up while the Radiance was a limited run.


Damn, I had better cancel my matching Bentley Continental GT :wink: