Focal Stellia Closed-Back Headphones - Official Thread

I have an absolutely silly question.

A curse I seem to have is the ability to buy a new component only to have a new version come out a few months later. I’m in the market for a new closed back, but know the Stellia is a few years old and a tremendous headphone. Seeing how they released the new Clear MG and also the Celeste recently, do any folks think or know of plans for a new version of the Stellia.

I know, silly questions……

So in the Celestee thread I was debating about whether to upgrade to the Radiance (the first sign of the addiction I’m sure we’ve all experienced) and I decided to go ahead and try them. Once I got them I was pretty satisfied but wasn’t sure about how much of a jump it truly was. So rather than returning the Radiance and staying satisfied with the Celestee I began eyeing the Stella (which I had kind of put out of mind as too expensive initially). So after a few glasses of George T. Stagg at my favorite bar I decided to pull the trigger.

I just got the headphones today and while it is still too early for full impressions I am going to echo the sentiment here that I am shocked by how much of a step up they are over the Celestee and Radiance. The best way I can explain it is I hear a much fuller sound with a pleasing bass thump but clear and pleasing vocals. I started with Little Wing like a poster in this thread suggested and moved on to some of my other favorites (Simple Man, LaGrange, Testify…) and throughout all of it the lushness of the music was nothing short of staggering.

I wanted to pop in here to thank the entire team who put up with me through this process of getting to Stellia endgame. Now to move onto DACs and amps…


Hi all,
I’m considering a Stellia as I need something with more isolation while working from home (kids :slight_smile: ). I’ve gone through a lot of headphones over the past year and I am currently using the Ether 2. To my ears, this is a really pleasing sound. I like that there is detail when I go searching for it but appreciate how it’s not thrown in my face like the HD800s. I don’t believe I listen at that high of volume but even so, I found the original Clear fatiguing. It may be that Focal sound just isn’t for me but from everything I’ve read it sounds like the Stellia should be a decent headphone for my preference. I would love some input before making any purchase. Thank you!

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I’m afraid I’ve not spent enough time with the Stellia to be able to comment on its sound and whether it’s fatiguing in the same way as the Clear. It may help others, though, to give you advice if you were to let them know what it is about the Clear you find fatiguing.

Is it the slam and strong macrodynamics, or is it the treble? For what it’s worth, I can see how the Clear’s treble, which has a slightly hard, crystalline quality to it, can be fatiguing.

I hope someone else can give you a better answer. Welcome to the community!

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I owned the original clear and agree it is fatiguing to the ears. I later switched to the Stellia and never found that fatiguing.

Just recent bought the Stellia and they are fantastic. I can easily wear these for hours with little to no fatigue. Excellent detail and a tonal balance that is perfect for me and the music I listen to, which is mostly death metal.

Thanks for the feedback. Trying to recall from memory but I do believe it was more of the crystalline treble as you described it. I found that I was constantly turning the music down because symbols or other things were just popping a bit too much.

I picked up a super cheap Elegia, I definitely don’t get the fatigue that I experienced with the Clear which is interesting. While I’m super impressed with the Elegia for the price, now I’m even more curious in the Stellia or Radiance. I definitely wouldn’t mind a little more warmth to the Elegia. I feel like I should probably just make the jump straight to the Stellia but the Radiance is a little enticing because of the looks and warmth people talk about. Any thoughts?