FOR SALE: Audio GD DAC-19 DAC, Mint Condition

Price: $475
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

I purchased this amp from Magni HiFi in the Netherlands (an Audio GD dealer) in July, 2016, then burned it in for the recommended 500 hrs. I used it in my main system for several months, then put it into my side system for 5+ years where it was used briefly no more than 1-2X/month. Consequently, this DAC has few hours on it and is in near-new condition.

This is the 10 Anniversary edition of the DAC-19 (DSP v5).

I paid Magni HiFi to convert the proprietary ACSS output pair to a 2nd RCA output pair. Both RCA outputs are live at all times and can be used simultaneously with zero loss of sonic quality. This is how I ran the DAC-19, enabling use of two headphone amplifiers/preamps at any given time. That’s a convenience feature I can’t live without.

Will ship this in the original packing with the original USA power cord. If you need drivers, I’ll email them to you, or send a download link at your convenience.

My price is $475. That includes shipping & Paypal fees in CONUS only.

Please, no trades or lowballs.

PS: I have solid feedback on Head-Fi under the same name; and on USAudioMart as LD50

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