For Sale: Auris HA-2SF excellent condition

Price: 1500
Currency: paypal invoice
Ships to: U.S
First edition of this amp that started production earlier this year. Second edition has a gain switch, only difference. Stock JJ tubes. I have three amps right now, trying to move down to one amp. No issues running with amp with Schiit Bifrost2.

I’ve had someone try this amp with Manhattan II and I’ve heard of someone trying this amp with Chord Dave and getting a “hum” which sounds like a ground loop issue. I bring this up I’d rather people know and I don’t want to deal with a lot of shipping back and forth. Ground issues can be resolved and even Schiit has warnings about noise and ground loop issues. Every dac has a potential for ground loop issues. Anways, that’s my up front, please make sure you have good, clean power and no grounding issues. I’ve dealt with it once.

I’ve gone from the Jotunheim 2 to the Mjolnir2 to the Auris HA-2SF and it’s a whole new world moving to this level of tube amp. Love the Schiit but I’d have a hard time going back to them.

Of the Auris HA-2SF, Nirvana and Ampsandsound Bigger Ben tube amps, the HA-2SF I would consider has similar sound to the Nirvana but his softer. You have the ecc82 input tube to give you a little ability to color the sound with pre amp outputs. This is a SE amp but gives you the options for 4 pin xlr or 1/4 headphone out, also 4 pin xlr or rca input, rca pre amp out. Power supply is external on a three foot umbilical cable. This unit is very quiet and runs very cool but very powerful. With the ZMF VC, Eikon and Aeolus, Audeze LCD-X, no problems pushing the volume beyond what my hearing could handle but very clean sound.

Any questions, please let me know.


HA-2SF Amp 1
HA-2SF Amp 2
HA-2SF Amp 3

HA-2SF power supply 1
HA-2SF power supply 2
HA-2SF power supply 3

HA-2SF power supply 5


Good golly. I am lusting over this. That is one unique looking amp!

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Pending Sale, I’ll update this once the sale is complete. Thank you