Schiit Asgard 3 - Official Thread

Hey all! I wanted to start an official thread for the Asgard 3 and post up my review for it!

Asgard 3 Review

I have had the Asgard 3 for about 2/3 weeks now and feel I can give a decent review/impressions of the Asgard 3 so here we go!

My Chain:
Schiit Modius (SE) -> Asgard 3 -> ZMF Auteurs/HD6XX/CA Andromeda

Sonic Characteristics
I initially bought the THX 789 from Amazon but on the way to my house it was lost… I guess I should thank the guy who lost it because if it was delivered I would never have gotten this Asgard 3. I bought the Asgard 3 because of a review saying its similar to the DNA Starlett, an amp I decided to put my order in for.

The Asgard 3 is not a “analytical” or “cold” amp. It doesn’t have sharp edges to the sound, nor have a lean sound. I found that the Asgard 3 has a very smooth treble. It isn’t sparkly or exciting, but it is very smooth. In my minds eye, when treble is playing its almost like a flowing brush of paint that is depositing light.

Midrange is very nice. It has a weight to the midrange, especially vocals. Vocals have a lot of impact and weight to them, where you can feel the energy from it. I think this is why it is compared to tube amps, the vocals have a slight seductive nature to them. Feels like when I listen to my tube amp, the singers are trying to sex my ears. I like it.

Bass. It isn’t really bloomy or super heavy hitting. But it is well textured and does have good impact though. It is there but don’t expect this to have the same type of bloom a tube would have. It still has that SS sounding bottom end.

The Asgard 3 pairs very well with my HD 6XX and Auteur with its timbre. It has a very natural, slightly tilted warm timbre. It pairs nicely with headphones that have a natural/warm timbre. This amp has a rather small stage to me that is right in front of my face. It doesn’t extend particularly far left to right, but also has not much depth to it. Not a con, just something I noticed.

I found the Asgard 3 to have a a rounded transients, but it did have good detail retrieval. I found it to bring my Auteurs much farther ahead of my HD6XX in terms of detail retrieval, when before on my older worse amp I found them to sound slightly similar in that regard.

Layering and Separation isn’t amazing, but I am able to distinguish and see that different sounds and instruments have their own space. I didn’t find it congested, but due to the slightly smaller stage that is just in front of you, it can get a little crowded from time to time.

I was a bit worried about using this amp with my Andromedas, but on low gain they have 0 noise. Completely silent. I love this. I think the natural sound characteristics of this amp pair well with the Andromedas, making them a bit more rounded so they aren’t as hot in the treble. So if you are worried about using this amp with IEMs, don’t worry. You can do it on low gain.

Overall I really enjoy this amp. I am not a big SS type of guy. I wanted a good SS amp that I could use when not wanting to use tubes but one that would allow me to have great sound quality though for a great price. I think this hits that mark. At $200, this is a deal. You can have some tube characteristics while still having a very powerful amp, that delivers great sound. I am happy with my purchase and plan on putting many more hours on this in the future! If anyone is interested in a new amp under $500, I think this is a real contender. I am getting the iFi Zen Dac in on loan on Friday. I will update this review with a comparison section below once I have written up a review for it in its proper thread. I am excited to see how they compare.


Great write up, @dncnexus! :+1:t4:

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Great review. I really enjoy my Asgard 3 as well. Schiit Class A Continuity goodness.

I think we have common overlap for just about all the gear you mentioned except the IEMs. I might be placing an order for the DNA Starlett soon.


Excellent review @dncnexus.


Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Asgard 3!!



I hopefully will get my Starlett in around Novemberish. I will toss up a review of that too once it is in. From everything I read though, I think you would love it. I haven’t met someone yet who doesn’t like it. So safe bet!


November can’t come soon enough. Looking forward to your review. DNA seems very safe and has the least risk. One can do much worse than trusting his/her ears with Donald North! My demo is in a couple weeks here in LA.


Received my Asgard 3 earlier today, which I bought as a replacement for my THX 789 primarily to aesthetically match my Bifrost 2. I also prefer tubes over solid-states, so I wasn’t too worried about the sound. So @dncnexus’ review gave me the final push to just go for the Asgard 3, and I must say I’m glad I did, so thank you for this review. :slight_smile:

Upon first listen I notice the absence of any hard edges in the upper-mids/treble, which is something I falsely interpreted on the 789 as “detail”. Since I got my Feliks Euforia, that hard edginess on the 789 has made me not want to use it for listening to music at all. Thankfully the Asgard 3 is considerably smoother up top and doesn’t make me want to switch back to my Euforia within no-time. In terms of resolution/stage/layering/dynamics the Asgard 3 seems to perform in the same league as the 789, but I won’t go into specifics on that until after I’ve had some more time with it and compared it directly against the 789.

Very happy with this purchase so far!


Recent review of the A3, while not as enjoyable a read as @dncnexus’s. #sexmyears