FS: Aqua La Voce S3

Price: $2700
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

All fees accounted for in the price. Small black mark on one of the corners (shown in image 3)


Price drop to $2300 (don’t see an option to edit the post)

I am interested…PM’ed

Here is an image of the rear that I had not originally posted


Sold for $2200 USD on usaudiomart. Funny enough by the next morning there were ~3 offers from people willing to pay at $2300.

This item was relatively difficult to sell (took like two weeks moving down from the initial $2700 price I set up). There were like 10 different inquiries during this time so there was interest. I wasn’t sure if maybe that meant this was more of a niche/not as well known product?


Congrats on the sale. Some are aware of its reputation, perhaps more so in the 2-channel space. It also could be that Aqua isn’t the current flavor of the month. I was tempted.

Are you able to share what you will be moving on to?

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I’m not moving on to anything else. I’m sort of done with the hifi hobby for the moment. Over the past ~2 years I’ve gone through a bunch of gear:

Headphones: ZMF verite open/closed/auteur, utopia, hd 800s, raal sr1a
Amp: ZMF pendant, bottlehead crack, pass labs hpa-1, raal hsa-1b
DAC: Schiit bifrost 2, the Aqua S3 which was the last piece of equipment I had to sell.

I enjoyed reading reviews, watching youtube videos, and talking with people on forums but I don’t think I ever enjoyed the music listening experience as much as others seem to. It was always on to the next thing. Making custom made requests for gear was fun too. Check out the ZMFs and crack I used to have. They’re really cool to look at.


I see. Thanks for the explanation. It appears the enjoyment of music is essential for these pursuits to be sustainable, even when playing with high-end gear and going as deep as you did.


@trigeminalv3 Would you mind me asking what brought you into the hi fi hobby? For me, it was my love for music, and my interest in hi fi was an avenue to explore how much better that music could sound. At first, I interpreted your explanation as saying you didn’t enjoy music, but are you just saying that you do love music, but your enjoyment doesn’t scale with the level of equipment?


I’m sorry I didn’t see this before … At 2200 it’s a total steal. I have tried to sell pieces on here that are likely far better than some of the current gear marketed to the headphone market, and for less cash, but because they are not familiar-enough brands, or aren’t targeted to the HP crowd, there was no interest. There seems to be a bit of a divide.

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I think it’s due to the lack of information and experience that many are not keen on treading unto relatively unknown brands/products…I was totally set on buying this but unfortunately the seller doesn’t check this forum often so I was beaten to the punch. Bummer…

Well the good thing I guess is that the resale price is dropping on the Aqua, so I’m sure more will be available.

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