FS: Audeze LCD-i3

These Audeze LCD-i3 / LCDi3 are brand new and are “A” stock. Only used for a few hours. I bought an extra set of accessories so you will receive the brand new unused set of tips and hooks. These are pristine mint and will include a full extra set of accessories and an extra carry case. Audeze includes three cables - Cipher V2 IOS, Cipher BT, and a standard 3.5mm. I have 100% feedback on head-fi, Audiogon, US Audiomart, etc.

Asking $799 + sh/pp. With the extras you are saving well over $100 off retail for brand new set.

**Price: $799
**Currency: USD
**Ships to: Prefer CONUS but will consider other countries


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Why selling? Did you get them just to review? The LCDi3 have grown on me. (almost literally, after I uprooted the wonderful tie-fighter like iSINE 20s).

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Never had a high-end iem before. Wanted to try one. These sound incredible but I am going to stick with over ear.

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