FS: Beyerdynamic Xelento Wireless, Moondrop Chaconne, Aune Jasper

Currency: USD
Ships to: USA
Prices would be offered by buyers.

Beyerdynamic Xelento Wireless:
Plus a 2.5mm termination Meze Audio MMCX SILVER-PLATED UPGRADE CABLE (msrp $149) and a 2.5mm to 4.4mm adaptor (cuz the stock cable sucks in my opinion).

Moondrop Chaconne:

Aune Jasper:
Plus a MMCX Upgraded Cable with 2.5mm termination

All with stock accessories. Accept Paypal, Venmo, Zelle. Please DM or reply if you are interested or want a lower price. Thank you!

Price drop: Xelento $499

Bump. All three items available. Please DM to offer prices if you are interested, thanks.