FS: Hifiman Susvara

Price: $3899
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere

Same Susvara that’s listed on the website https://www.headphones.com/products/hifiman-susvara?variant=32110788509767

Comes with full warranty from Hifiman


If I hadn’t just gotten a Verite, I’d buy this in a heartbeat.

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This is a great deal on a lovely Headphone

I’d probably jump on this had I not just purchased Diana Phi’s…someone else will get lucky I guess!

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it says 4500 on the website.

Oh ouch!!! Just got Utopias not too long ago, expensive 3rd party cable, and also snagged a deal on a new cartridge … Nothing left in the till, even with a stimulus check!! I heard these at the Tampa show and quite enjoyed the sound … Own a pair of 400is that I really like a lot, and would love a pair of TOTL planars, but I think further audio splurges will have to wait for some good long time to come. (I’ve been on a bender, including tweaks to the main system that continue next week). Great price though!