FS - Mjolnir 2, Gumby A2, Modi MB, ZMF Verite Open

I figured I would just dump this into one thread to avoid clutter.

ZMF Verite open in limited ziricote. Comes with leather and suede perforated pads, and an aftermarket YFS silver/copper hybrid cable.

Asking $2100 USD, net to me.

Schiit Modi MB.

$175 net to me.

Schiit Gungnir Multibit A2 w/ USB Gen 5.

$850 net to me.

For sale is a Schiit Mjolnir 2 amplifier. Included are LIIST, Sylvania, Philips Miniwatt, and Amprex tubes. Those tubes are not cheap, the LIIST are now unobtainium, and the Amprex are some of the best you can put in the Mj2!

I am not selling the tubes individually, so please hold such inquiries.

$700 net to me.

Currency: USD
Ships to: USA + Canada

Sales details:
Shipping will be insured, signature required, paid for by the customer. No exceptions.
Be prepared to give me your city/zip for shipping estimates. Ships from Denver CO.
All items sold as is.
All sales final.
No warranty expressed or implied.
I will happily work with you if an issue comes up.


Nice items

If I get Abyss TC on Black Friday sale, then I may consider your Schiit Mjolnir 2.

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If I didn’t already have a set of Ziricote Vérité, in the same color-scheme as yours, I would snatch those up. The wood is GORGEOUS …

Hell, if I didn’t have two sets as it is, I’d probably buy them anyway.

Being able to buy a set of ZMF cans, with no wait, and knowing exactly what the grain/wood/color will look like, never mind with a premium wood option and at a significantly lower price than new, is something worth jumping on!


You can buy it anyway. I won’t mind. :grin:


Any chance you’d want to sell the uni suede perforated pads by themselves? Would work well with my Aeolus :sunglasses: !

The Mjolnir 2 is a very capable amp. You can run it with lots of different tubes, and the tubes are not expensive. I have one for my office system.

If I didn’t already have a VC on the way, I would have jumped on the VO instantly. That’s a beautiful set, and I expect you will have no trouble finding a happy buyer.

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That VO is disturbingly beautiful. I’m almost relieved not to be in the market for this particular HP…if I was, this would be a crisis moment.

Hard to believe you’d have much trouble selling it–any of the gear, for that matter. It’s really choice stuff. Good luck w/selling!


PM’d you for the Verite.


Sorry I haven’t updated the thread sooner. Verite sale is on hold. The gimbals have some paint damage, and I am working with ZMF to have it repaired. Once it is fixed I will reopen the sale.

Sorry for the bother, and thank you all who have expressed interest.


Mine have some damage as well. It’s in some random places so I am not sure how it occurred, no hard knocks that I can recall. Not selling, just using, just wondering how common this is. I may fix them if I get really bored some day, plating may work better, add some bling!

Zach is sending replacement gimbals today. Should have them in 3-5 business days.

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Mjolnir 2 sold.


Modi MB sold.


All items sold, please close thread