Schiit Modi Multibit 2

It looks like the Modi Multibit 2 finally became available. We shall see if Schiit will be able to successfully navigate through future supply chain issues.


There are whispers from many hoping that the implementation of Analog Devices D/A yields a $300 baby Bifrost 2.


Yeah it’ll be interesting to hear some comparisons after these start getting into the wild…

I’m also interested in how it compares with Modi Multi OG, the “rev2” that was last in production.

I know Unison is better than the earlier USB implementation. I am using a “rev2” in a home AV 2 channel setup connected via spdif, which bypasses the USB limitations of the earlier version (though it may have its own limitations! :grinning:)

For my purposes in this setup, it’s a nice little DAC, definitely a step up from the TV’s DAC.


Anyone know of any decent USB A to USB C cables for the little guy?

I’m also looking for a decent USB A-C cable to use with my iFi Gryphon, and it’s pretty amazing how few there are from the typical audiophile cable manufacturers.

Audioquest sell them. Wireworld only sells A-C on the $600 Platinum Starlight 8, which is more than I want to spend, but I wonder if they’d custom build one of their cheaper cables with USB C on one end? The Gryphon came with a decent A-C cable that’s very short, but they don’t seem to sell them separately. Maybe @CarterK_iFi can comment on that?

While I was researching, I saw someone in a random forum mention that Ghent Audio custom built a cable for him at a very low cost. Ghent has a good reputation, so it might be worth reaching out to them.


I cannot speak to R&D aims, but I assume the short cables with the xDSD Gryphon is to be used in close proximity to the audio source, like on a desktop or in the user’s pocket. If you want more, DM me and I can discuss possible accommodations.

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I’ve been using the Modi Multibit 1 for several years, among other DACs and have always enjoyed it. The new MM2 is now my go to DAC. If you read on other forums that it is bright, ignore it. It is a definitely a more resolving DAC in comparison to the MM1, but i do not find it bright or harsh. It has had excellent synergy with my Asgard 3, Vali 2++, and Drop THX789 amps. No regrets buying this fantastic little DAC.