FS: Raal SR1a, HSA-1B, carrying case, and 10 ft stock cable (instead of standard 7 ft)

Price: I’m not sure if I’m in the wrong thread on this site but I was more so looking for an estimate/info as to what ~price I should be selling this bundle for. I figured I should keep everything together or else the carrying case would go to waste. I had two people on reddit express interest in everything but I don’t even know what number to throw out there?
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

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Full, new, price would be $8,020.

Officially, the warranty is original-owner only (non-transferrable).

In such cases, generally figure used prices (i.e. what I’m willing to pay for something that’s used) somewhere between 60% and 70% of the new price. I may increase that if the warranty is transferrable, the items are flawless and only a couple of weeks, to maybe a month, old, or the items are highly-desired and hard to get (discontinued, or long wait times).

There’s no current backlog I’m aware of for the HSA-1b or the SR1a.

So, if it was me buying, I’d be looking to pay somewhere between $5,600 and $6,000, including insured shipping and fees. I might go to $6,250 if the warranty can be transferred (would require seller talking to RAAL), condition was perfect, and again including shipping and fees.

Any more than that, I’d just buy new.

If I go down the HE-1 route, or just ditch headphones entirely in the face of my speaker rig(s), I’d be listing my HSA-1b for $3,200 (inclusive of 2nd day insured FedEx shipping and all fees). And my SR1a with interface, case, standard 7ft cable and after-market upgraded cable, for $2,600 … again including insured FedEx 2nd day shipping and all fees).

So, $5,800 total.

If someone bought both together, I’d throw in my Jotunheim R as part of the deal.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the thorough response! I ended up selling the setup on US audio mart for $6150 USD (all fees included).

Your price estimate was very helpful especially since there didn’t seem to be a huge sample size of prior sales on headfi, hifi zero, hifi shark, or US audio mart to confidently go off of.

I had the ad up on audio mart for less than a day when I got the response. Nothing on reddit (after telling possibly interested buyers I was putting the selling price in the ~6k range), headfi, or here. I did however get several people interested in buying the hsa-1b and sr1a separately, more so the amp.