FS: ZMF Verité LTD Ironwood *****SOLD*****

Price:: $SOLD PayPal Fees Included
Currency: USD PayPal
Ships to: Anywhere (buyer pays outside USA)

Hi everybody!
Up for sale are the magnificent ZMF Verité LTD Ironwood open back headphones.
They are in perfect working and cosmetic condition. They have black grills and rods, with the leather head strap. I took great care in breaking them in with pink noise, and used them for very short time.
In hand, the dense Ironwood feels precious, and have an incredible grain and color to them (which I found impossible to capture with my iPhone camera). I really fell in love with ZMF through my brief time owning these. The reason for selling is because I just couldn’t pass up ordering a blacked out set of African Blackwood Verité LTDs. As soon as Zach and Bev announced these LTDs, I purposefully put the Ironwoods back in its case to preserve its pristine condition, hence the low hours.

Included in the sale will be some unused extras, of course, all of which I ordered new just for the new owner: A suede head strap (still wrapped), Universe lambskin perforated pads, the Universe suede perforated pads, as well as the Be2 hybrid pads (still wrapped). Also comes with the ZMF branded Seahorse case, single ended and balanced XLR cables, and paperwork. All in the original shipping boxes.

Price covers PayPal fees and shipping in continental US.
Alternatively, I will be going to CanJam SoCal, if any foreign attendees are interested.

Apologies for the pics. These are just how they came out with my iPhone, and weren’t corrected. In real life, the wood looks just a bit darker to me, and the black grills are SUPER shinny, reflecting whatever light sources in the room, which I always thought was cool.

Thanks so much for having a look!


That’s a great deal on these gorgeous headphones. I hope they find a good home.

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Great deal indeed. Just sent you a PM


Sent you a second PM regarding the purchase or trade option.

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Absolutely gorgeous. I’d snap these up if I didn’t have an ironwood already. I think you’ll love the blackwood when they come in - it’s the most beautiful wood I’ve seen so far. Inky black from a distance that reveals subtle patterning in a rich dark brown under the light. GLWS!

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