FS: ZMF vintage white stained camphor burl verite closed

Price: 2700
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

Perfect condition, minimal use. I sent Zach a picture of a white electric guitar and asked if he could do a stain in that fashion. As you can see from the images it’s more of a cream color with a surprising amount of green (white+camphor burl apparently equals green lol). Comes with wooden case, cloth, 1/4 cable, XLR cable (whatever is meant to be with it). All fees already accounted for in the price.


They look gorgeous i like also the utopia in the background


That La Voce dac isn’t too shabby either :drooling_face: lol Definitely going to get the VC at some point … too soon after Xmas for me unfortunately…have to recuperate a bit.

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Price drop to $2500. It doesn’t seem to be letting me edit the price on my original post