FS: ZMF vintage white stained camphor burl verite closed

Price: 2700
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

Perfect condition, minimal use. I sent Zach a picture of a white electric guitar and asked if he could do a stain in that fashion. As you can see from the images it’s more of a cream color with a surprising amount of green (white+camphor burl apparently equals green lol). Comes with wooden case, cloth, 1/4 cable, XLR cable (whatever is meant to be with it). All fees already accounted for in the price.


They look gorgeous i like also the utopia in the background


That La Voce dac isn’t too shabby either :drooling_face: lol Definitely going to get the VC at some point … too soon after Xmas for me unfortunately…have to recuperate a bit.

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Price drop to $2500. It doesn’t seem to be letting me edit the price on my original post

Sorry, this reply won’t help you sell the headphones but how do you like the La Voce?

I love it. I went from the Modi 3 to the Schiit Bifrost 2 to the S3. The jump from the modi to the bifrost was very significant in my opinion. The S3 felt like an equal step forward which surprised me bc I’d read that after you pass a certain price point, the gains become more marginal…the jump to the S3 definitely felt like a slam dunk difference maker to me.

It’s tricky though because I’ve been changing up other aspects of my set-up through all of this: ZMF pendant to Pass Labs HPA-1 to waiting for my raal hsa-1b to come in. Also the verite open to Utopia to the raal sr1a etc.

Nice. I’ve been thinking about one for my headphone set up. But haven’t been sure that I want to spend a lot of cash for digital upgrades for a secondary system, as I have terrific digital in the main hi-fi. (Listening in the office, with the DNA Stratus, streaming via USB from a Mac Mini, is very enjoyable, and a different vibe from the big room or the bedroom). But I am sort of craving another leap in sound. Well, anyhow … good luck with the sale!


Have you looked into cleaning up your Mains power? An AC regenerator is an awesome upgrade. I wouldn’t call it a tweak. It is a huge leap in SQ.

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+1 to this. I was really surprised how big of an upgrade a PS Audio Power Plant ended up being. Especially helpful for keeping something like a tube amp as quiet as possible.


Yeah, thought about getting an Audioquest or PS Audio device. Although I have $3,000 worth of power conditioner boxes already. They are '90s vintage, but I’m not sure how much improvement I’d be getting with something newer.


I know my friend. The P3 Powerplant I got from PS Audio is a massive game changer…just when you think things can’t get better then Bam!! :slight_smile:
Hits you like a 2 ton heavy thing. :grinning::rofl:

Hi Steve. :slight_smile:
The problem with power conditioners is that they truly don’t filter all the gunk that is in your AC mains. No matter what the tops of those sine waves will be cut at the top with conditioners.
Clean, beautiful and new AC power altogether solves that problem.

@Nephilim_81 oh you’re talking about regenerators? Good to know the P3 delivers. They have a trial period policy so maybe I’ll try one out.

The PS Audio Stellar P3 can be had for ~$1500 (+/- $100) used if you’re patient. I’d say one comes up about once a month between here, ebay, head-fi, and us audio mart.

You’re right. PS Audio gear is abundant online. I follow the PS Audio forum, too, and they always have stuff for sale in the used/sale category.

PS Audio has a great trade in policy too. I sent them an old home theater receiver that I’d bought in 2000 and they took $660 off the price of a brand new Stellar P3, bringing it down to $1500. You should be able to type in the model of whatever you want to get rid of in their website and they’ll give you an instant quote.

Yep, I’ve got some of their stuff. And plenty to trade, hahaha.