Hi-Fi Tuning fuses on my pre-amp and amp have made a noticeable improvement. Today I bought a top-of-the-shelf Synergistic Research Blue fuse for my prime, upstream component, a PS Audio a/c regenerator - delivery by the end of the week - and can hardly wait!

Awesome—see if you can isolate the differences in that “blue” fuse? I may need two for my Benchmark DAC3 HGC. :slight_smile:

I have a HiFi TF silver in my headphone amp as well as higher end fuses in many of my components. Nice tweak.

Hi I found that a Synergistic Black fuse made a very noticeable difference in one of my dac/headlamp combos which had a nondescript fuse. In another they already had a better fuse and it was hard to discern the difference. But I do like the SR fuses - a relatively inexpensive upgrade.


With the Blue, there’s a difference in texture - creamy and velvety smooth. The images are more focused, as if the soundstage has contracted somewhat. On my current fave CD, Patty Griffin’s Servant of Love, her voice (as well as the instruments) has moved forward, closer to the audience as it were, which makes for a more intimate presentation. Only time can tell whether these differences will undergo changes; SR says to expect as many as 200 hours before break-in is complete.

Bryan, I just posted initial impressions in hopes that they are useful. - KO

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This is great and useful (but expensive) information. I appreciate your feedback and post!

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HiFi-Tuning Supreme fuses are half the price. I am happy with mine, in my speaker system. Just thought I’d go top shelf for the gear running my 'phones. - Kevin

Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin’s poem, For the Want of a Nail: “For the want of a fuse the detail was lost, for the want of the detail the texture was lost, for the want of the texture the timbre was lost…” I’m sure you are getting the message. Blue has exceeded my expectations! In forthcoming posts, I will detail the why and the how. Meanwhile, happy listening.

After experiencing what a top shelf fuse can do to my 'phones, I am thinking of fuses more like major components than miniscule tweaks.