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I tried the Heddphone at Canjam and I actually enjoyed its sound. But I feel like they are all just way to heavy to use practically to daily drive lol…


I have heard the Grado GS 1000e and they were spectacular ($1400. in Canada). But I was in no hurry. I was with my sister when she bought the Focal Clear, after comparing the Focal Utopia and other models from Grado. Quite amazing! Not sure if I wanted to spend that much. After much research, I finally bought the Sennheiser hd6XX. With a top-flight, high current amplifier such as the SPL Phonitor se, they sing beautifully. A very good start but I was just wondering if there is something significantly better for classical music. ( AKG 702, ZMF, some planar magnetic maybe? )

MEZE Audio launching a new closed back headphone Monday. Looks like it will be called Liric and sell for $2000.


Another pic from the other forum:


Hmmm…look like the headcup extension adjustment rod is pretty short.

It looks different, but the are doing something unusual versus standard rods.

I see a three piece connection system between the headband and cup. One part is the “A” shaped tent extension on top of the cup versus more conventional flush connectors. All together the reach seems pretty long and perhaps better for rotation and odd angles. Maybe the rod isn’t critical for adjustment range. We need to try it.

Yep. Need to try it before drawing concludions.

Looking forward to this one.

It’s available now. Liric | Meze Audio - Sound. Comfort. Design. True audio.


New Diana Closed


Suddenly the TOTL/Summit-Fi closed-back headphone race is heating up! :nerd_face:


No that’s a error in the add it’s been there for a long time.
There is one coming, but it’s months away as I understand it.

Thanks. their announcement today said a closed would be coming soon,

Hello everyone, I am not able to create a new topic in this section, so I am posting it here.
I have this headphone BoAt Immortal 200. But I am having a problem for a few days, one earbud is louder than the other. Has anyone else come across this issue before? Please help me to solve it.

Been through all this?

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Thank you so much for sharing the article. But I have already resolved the issue with help of this article by pairing the earbuds. Now I can easily access the sound with the same volume of the earbuds.

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I’m a little confused, you mention the Immortal 200 which are USB over ear gaming headphones, yet you refer to them as earbuds and say you have solved the issue by pairing them again.

Are we talking about the correct model here?

Actually as the function is same in the solution area, so the method performed perfectly.

Still confused. Unless the Immortal 200 (which are headphones, not earbuds) has any wireless connectivity that they don’t mention, there is no “pairing”. They connect via cable.

Not sure if this is where I should ask for opinions, but seeking someone knowledgeable in pads or direct me a post that would help me answer my question.

My question is in regards to what makes pads different, only two factors on my end is type of material and padding. Perforation not being considered, which is specific to my current situation. The materials at hand are alcantara and protein leather. I am almost certain the padding is not different between the two or it might be.

Could the outer material alone really change the sound? Any typical characteristics which change based on material or does it vary by headphone?

Hopefully there isn’t an over complicated answer, thanks