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Hi, I recently bought the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, and you know I’m disappointed. They are a little bit expensive, but they don’t make much sense, they could work better (


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What doesn’t work? What don’t you like? Do you truly need a noise canceling product, as they often don’t sound as good as non-noise canceling headphones?

Also, many people here are not fans of Bose.

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They work, I just expected more noise reduction and better sound)

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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

Welcome. Your experience is not unusual. ANR works with certain kinds of sounds like droning air conditioning or airplane engines. For other noises you need something that creates some isolation from the sound. This is best accomplished with an IEM or inner ear monitor albeit at the expense of some comfort, or less effectively with a good closed back headphone design.

Learning what works for you can be an irritating and/or wonderful journey. Bose sound quality is aimed at a specific and generally less discerning audience than is common here. If you are not happy with your purchase, do not be shy about asking for a return or reselling them if a return is not an option.

Using the search function here and asking questions will get you many helpful suggestions and pointers. If I weren’t typing on my phone I’d write more but I’m sure someone else will jump in. @generic is asking for a more detailed description of what you consider the failings. Learning more about how you want to use the headphones and what you listen for in music will help anyone help you too.


Hey all -

Sorry if the wrong place, but where does everyone keep their headphones? I have large dogs and a baby at home, so out on stands is not going to work.

It sounds silly, but a cabinet in the closet? Just want to take care of the expensive equipment.


You had me googling unsuccessfully for a graphic of Cerberus in headphones… Any artists among us? There are under-desk hangers that might work for you. I have a number of cases that I keep headphones in also. Geekria (on Amazon) makes some really … adequate cases for not too much.

I use Geekria cases (if my headphones didn’t already come in a solid zip case), which can be purchased from Amazon. Affordable but effective enough. I wouldn’t put anything heavy on them, though. Another, stronger, but more pricey option are Seahorse or Pelican cases.

Here’s how I have mine stored (protected against naughty cats):


Those cases look perfect. My house, between 320+ lbs of dogs and a baby, is no place for sensitive wares. So likely to be placed in a case and then that case within a drawer when not in use.

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Harbeth loudspeakers are famous for the quality of their midrange; much loved by fans of classical music. Loudspeakers and headphones are 2 very different things, but in terms of sound signature, what comes closest to the musicality of the Harbeth in the headphone universe? I have seen ZMF suggested somewhere… any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Grados have an old-school, mid-centric tonality that remind me of Harbeth.

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I don’t know that you’ll have much company that describes Grados as mid-centric.

Most people describe them as extremely bright and having non-natural tonality.

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Saw this elsewhere, Monolith by Monoprice AMT Headphone:

Transducer Type Air Motion Transformer (AMT)
Magnet Type High‑grade N52 Neodymium
Frequency Response 15Hz ~ 40kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.1%
Nominal Impedance 32 ohms
Sensitivity 90dB/mW
Headphones Cable Connectors Mini 4‑pin XLR
Audio Plug Connector 1/4"
Weight (without cable) 24.0 oz. (630g)

Lighter than the HEDDphone.


Yes, I know. But I don’t agree, at least with respect to the Grados I’ve owned (PS 1000 and GS 3000). Everything brightly lit, for sure, but a mid tilt that I’ve heard in several Harbeths.

You make an interesting point regarding both Grado and Harbeth. I’m a fan of the mid-range products of both companies, to whit the Grado RS1e with Beautiful Sound pads and the Harbeth HL5 XD and to a lesser extent the new Compact 7.

The Harbeth sounds quite neutral to me, especially in a larger room. At some point, I”m going to retire my current speakers and replace them with something else. Harbeth HL5 is high on that list, along with similarly neutral Vandersteen and EgglestonWorks speakers. Both EgglestonWorks and Harbeth make a point in their literature about getting the midrange right.

Most of the people who talk about Grado screaming hot treble have been listening to the Prestige series and/or some of the one-off special issues. Further, after having experienced the benefit of pad-rolling with Grado, I think that they are not doing themselves a favor by staying with open foam.

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Well said. I’ve owned EgglestonWorks speakers, and they’re clear and articulate but not dry and clinical. Harbeths have a monitor sound, but not in an overly analytical way, which is nice. Their midrange drivers are the heros for sure.

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Rosson, ZMF, Senn 650/580.

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Oh boy, what’s coming from Abyss? Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC successor?

From Head-Fi.

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This is the second post of yours and both contain links to the same site without actually mentioning why you are linking to that site.

If you are going to promote your own site, you could at least be open about it and say something like “hey, I have this site” etc.



These are now in stock and available for order. They certainly look interesting. But so far no reviews…so anyone feel lucky? And rich enough to take a flyer on $999.00 headphones?

Monolith AMT Headphones

Monolith™ AMT Headphones use a state of the art Air Motion Transformer driver enclosed in a gorgeous, open back housing. It features a plush, padded headband and earpads for comfortable listening over extended periods of time. With an extended soundstage, lush, rich sound, and excellent build quality, the Monolith AMT Headphones bring a massive price‑to‑performance ratio to the headphones market.

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The headband certainly has plenty of leather around it; I can’t say it looks all that comfortable.

Speaking of which, Monoprice exclaims that the headphones weigh “only 24 ounces.” LOL. At 680 grams, that’s pretty heavy: it outweighs both the LCD2-Classic at 544 g and ZMF’s upcoming stabilized resin Vérité Closed headphones at 550-600 g (see here).

Still, the Monolith AMT headphones are bantamweight compared to the heavyweight champions, the Heddphone at 718 g.

Nope! But I’ll be interested to read the reviews. Thanks for spreading the word about these headphones.