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I’m in the latter camp. Floyd Toole found driver burn-in occurs after a very short period of time, and found no scientific evidence suggesting things actually improve afterwards. Also, the pads wearing in/conforming properly to your head can affect sound. So yeah, take time to get used to the sound/allow the pads to break in, then determine if it’s for you or not.

Happy Listening!

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That depends on the headphone. For some it’s probably burning in your head. For others it is absolutely the headphone. I experienced this with my Nectar Hive eStat. At first I was disappointed, bass sounded off. I set up one EQ. After a week or so of burn in, I had to reduce the bass shelf. After a month, the bass was smooth from the midrange down to the sub bass, not at all the way it was when I first hooked them up.

Regarding the adapter, I strongly favor the ones with flexibility as in your first illustration, particularly when going from the larger to the smaller size. The clip on style is fine for going from 3.5mm up to 6.35mm. The reason is that weight and stress from the larger plug can cause a poor connection to your amp.


Don’t know if i should use this topic for my questions, since it’s audio related but not headphone specific.

Since i built my new PC I’ve only been using my headphones and a small Bluetooth speaker.

But now i would like to buy proper speakers and i was looking at some Black Friday deals and found the Pioneer DM-40 for 100€ and the same model but with Bluetooth for 120€.

I would plug them into a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen for 93€.

Would this be a good pruchase? It would be used for movies, music (house, techno, trance most of the time) and some games.

You asked in the right spot :slight_smile:

What’s your price range?

Around 200/250€.

These prices come from spanish Amazon, since i’m from Portugal i can find good deals there.

I’m a fan of the JBL LSR305 in that price range. They are a little more expensive on Amazon but places like Madrid Hifi usually have decent deals that will put them inside your price range.

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Agreed - probably the best option in that price range IMO. Some people have ground loop issues with them, though, but there are ways to fix that.

Forgot to mention that my price range also includes buying the Audio-Interface. My bad.

Still i went and searched for the speakers you mentioned, and noticed something, they seem to only sell one at a time. Maybe that’s normal for this type of speakers and i don’t know that.

And the ones i mentioned before, from the reviews, look like they come in pairs.

Yes, it is normal that studio monitors get sold individually. What you will find with a lot of those that are sold in pairs is that the amplifier is inside one of the speakers, with a cable that runs from one speaker to the other. The LSR, for example, have the amplifier inside each speaker, making them completely independent.

If you need to include an interface in the same budget, that does limit your options quite a bit. Do you need an interface with inputs and outputs (so a microphone/line input) or just the outputs for the speakers? If it is the latter, we refer to them as a DAC.

Right now it would be only for the speakers. Because the headset i have is fairly new (got a new one from warranty).

But when i have to replace it, in a few years i hope, my goal is to get proper headphones and a mic.

Maybe right now i could buy only one speaker and the interface, and later the second speaker.

My sibs and I agreed that a multi-headphone shootout is the way to go for my parent’s Christmas gifts. Surprise for them is that I also decided that, since they are all coming in from out of town for Christmas, I am including them in this as well.

I just ordered 8 different headphones from Amazon. This is gonna be epic! :joy:


Which ones did you order? You’re not worried Amazon is going to tell you this is a bit too much? :smiley:

Found a good deal for the Sundara, 280€. I ordered it and will give it a try! I’m excited. :smiley:

Just got the K5 PRO ESS at its normal price as well.


Sennheiser HD560S
AKG K701
Sennheiser HD599
Grado SR125x
AKG K371
Philips Fidelio X2HR
Hifiman HE400SE
Beyerdynamic DT880 Premium Edition 32 ohm

Not at all. Not with how much Prime costs me, how much I already spend at Amazon, their holiday extended return policy, and the fact that they have no stores where you could compare items before purchase. I think Amazon actually expects this type of shopping.

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Bummer you don’t have any Senn 6-series in there, but I love seeing this list! What a cool project.

I know it might sound weird, but I’d be really interested in listening notes from your parents (even if abbreviated). This is such a cool thing you’re doing.

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Ha! Well I actually hesitated to post the list because I knew there might be some disagreement. That didn’t take long. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In my defense, some of my choices were more about comfort than sound quality. I came close to putting an HD6XX in there. If he gets into it, I guarantee my dad will start looking to upgrade very quickly.

I do plan to post a summary. But then I plan quite a few posts to this forum that I never seem to get around to. :flushed:


You may get a nastygram from Amazon telling you it may not let you return so many items at once in the future, but that’s about it. I got one of those in 2021 when I bought about 10 pairs of headphones and returned all but one over about a four-month period.


The AKG K371 is awesome. It just needs better pads. Dekoni is selling their after-market pads on sale now for $25.00. Enjoy

Wait a minute… I don’t need to buy an HD6XX. I already own one. :joy: