Glasses and Headphones

How do my fellow short or far sighted people deal with their impaired visions and enjoying over ear/on ear Headphones?

I was wondering if we could start a discussion about this, since I noticed that a lot of the more high end Headphones really aren’t a good time with glasses. Unless you wanna enjoy the music while having a headache.

Do you try to change something about your headphone? Do you try different glasses? Contact Lenses?
What is your solution for this issue, what can you recommend to other people facing the same problem?

Lets discuss!

I only use overear HPs and whenever it is possible I take of my glasses. My glasses temple are very thin and made from Titanium, so the issue when wearing them together with HPs is not so big.


I am in the unfortunate position that, while I still see enough to do most things without glasses, I get nasty headaches when not wearing them. Even in short amounts of time. and despite having super thin temples, they still also cause a pressure headache, especially with my Heddphone Two.

I was wondering what solution others found who find themselves in a similar spot like me.

I have tested the Heddphone Two for a week during a roundtrip. Even without wearing glasses the clamping force was too high for me, even when I had the headband in the lowest position. Maybe it can generally help to use softer earpads that will not put so much pressure on the temples.

I don’t have experience with the Heddphone Two. My standard practices for glasses and headphones include: (1) wearing frames with thin metal side pieces, and (2) swapping the pads for thicker, softer ones when available and when they don’t affect the sound too much. Memory foam pads typically wrap around glasses frames and feel fine.


The issue is, I also get the headaches using other headphones (DT700 Pro X, Edition XS, R70X, sr60e)
And I dont get the clamping headache from the heddphone when i listen to them with my eyes closed for extended periods (i did test to verify)

I wear contacts most of the time, but when wearing glasses, I rest the arms of the glasses atop the headphone pads rather than on my ears.


Buy a headphone with less clamping force. Seriously. I’m not trying to be a smart ass.

Take the HiFiMan Edition XS, for example. If that headphone gives you a headache from clamping force, then over-ear headphones are not for you.

Another solution: Switch to IEMs. There are some ridiculously good sets for around $200 due to the intense ChiFi competition that doesn’t exist at that – or many other – price points in over-ear cans.


I’ll agree with this, there is a huge difference between the comfort of various headphones when wearing glasses.

CA-1A , SR-1A MySphere and 1266 are very easy to deal with with glasses.
Susvara are also fine, I can tolerate most anything else I own with glasses on except my HD6XX which has excessive clamp and I find uncomfortable even without the glasses.
Though generally I just take the glasses off and listen.


Thats why I am looking for options to listen to my headphones without glasses. I am fine pressure wise, but my eyes are not having a good time

IEMs are not really an option due to pain and fitment issues from a botched surgery during my childhood.


When I’m doing focused listening, my eyes are closed. So I don’t wear my glasses.

At my desk where I am doing work and want to listen to headphones, I use headphones with low clamp force. I’d have to do that anyway as otherwise I couldn’t wear them all day. I have had good success with both the AKG K712 Pro and Focal Clear.


If headphones and IEMs present systemic issues, why not consider near-field speakers? Headphone technology involves direct contact with the ears, so there’s not much to be done.

Note that the Sennheiser 800 and 800 S have very light clamp and glasses may fit under the pads without any pressure at all.


Also on-ear like the Koss PortaPro and some of the Grados would work.


And they aren’t sensitive to seal either. Good point!


I have the same problem, and found that the Raal Requisite SR1As work perfectly with glasses, and the sound is spectacular as well.


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I decided that round cups are not good for me. They sit on the wire legs of my glasses too far from my ear. Consequently they distort the frame and cause my vision to change. So I ruled out round phones and went with the oval Sennheiser HD 650. Clamping is a little bit firm at first but the hair-drier treatment sorts that.
Surely though, the standard for comfort, convenience and relaxation (for those who accept Bluetooth, isolation and the Bose sound) is set by QC35ii phones. Nothing quite like them for introverted, travelling sociophobes.


My glasses are thin metal sides , to be honest I never think about it.

I changed pads a couple of years back on my HD800s and they had a very thin horizontal line , never really affected the ear surround contact.

I can imagine big plastic side arms may be an issue

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So much of this topic really boils down to the size and shape of one’s head.

Due to presbyopia I wear magnifiers/readers at all times (2.0 magnification). Without them I can’t read a computer screen. My glasses are very good quality in a Warby Parker frame that looks/feels great. The frames aren’t especially thin, but these glasses seem to work w/all my headphones.

Clamping force is certainly part of the equation. Some have more than others. Apart from that, I find the biggest variable to be the earpads, specifically the softness/hardness of the foam inside the pads. I do well with memory foam that is relatively soft & giving. It shapes the earpad around the frame of the glasses.

I feel pretty lucky that despite having a large head, I don’t have real problems using glasses w/my headphones…

PS: The original Heddphone & the Rosson planar stand out to me as headphones I could never own: their frames simply don’t work well with my large head. In both cases when the earpad sliders were almost or fully extended, as I needed, there was a wicked “hotspot” at the top of my head. No go for those two.

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Audiophiles should make pince-nez glasses popular again.