Have a chipped volume knob on EC ZDT Jr. - how difficult is it to replace it?

I received EC ZDT Jr. with a chipped volume knob, so I’d like to replace it, but I don’t know how to do it or if it’s even possible.

I did contact Drop for a replacement, but they told me that there are no more units left.

It’s either going to be a simple friction-fit knob, with a standard size D-shaft (i.e. when you look at it face-on it’ll have a flat side, like the letter D), or a screw-set on a standard D or O shaft.

So it’ll either just pull off, or you’ll need to look for a screw on the perimeter and loosen that first. After which, you can determine the shaft profile and measure its size. Any number of styles and sizes are available for a buck or twenty (depending on how fancy you want to get).

Won’t need to take the thing apart to do any of it.

When I’m in the office tomorrow I’ll look at mine and see if there’s a set-screw or if it’s just friction fit.


this is what I put on it…they just slid on, Also it is misleading as there is not tightening wrench or screw they are solid and only slide on and are 5mm burled for the inner part that goes on the volume pot.


Thanks, but no need. Removing the knob was super easy.

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Thanks! Now I know what those holes on volume knobs are for.

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