A&Norma SR15 issue

I purchased the SR15 from Taron at the end of February, and absolutely love it.
Yesterday the tip of my balanced cable broke off in the SR15. I can’t get it out, and I’m not going to try any half baked ideas like super glue on a toothpick…
I’ve been on the iRiver and Astell & Kern site and for the life of me can’t find where to request repairs, the site is great for new products, and sales but repairs not so much.
So question is how do I contact A&K, and is there a US service center?
Is there a good shop that can do the repair outside of A&K?

Not sure if it would mess it up or if you could find one narrow enough, but maybe a magnetic screwdriver could draw it out?

Edit: I’m assuming it’s a 2.5mm if it broke off, so something like this maybe? https://www.amazon.com/YXQ-Phillips-Magnetic-Screwdriver-10pieces/dp/B01EYA5BGO

glue in tension isnt super great usually. they are best when used in shear, like putting a nut around it with glue encapsulating the diameter.

Do you have any photos?

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Invixion Inc. / Astell&Kern US

Address: 19600 Fairchild Road, Suite 125, Irvine, CA 92612

Email: support@theinvixion.com

Phone: (949) 336-4540/4541


I finally heard back from Invixion. I have to say it took a bit for me to actually find support email address.
Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately the tip is pretty far down, picture of a 2.5mm jack doesn’t show much.
now I just have to figure out what to do while I wait the month or so for it to get serviced (mail to Ca. then off to S. Korea then back to me).

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Good luck. I’m sure you’ll get ot sorted. It’s just the waiting though. I feel for you.

The SR25 will be out in a month. Maybe hope and pray that they lose your SR15 repair and they replace it with a SR25 :wink:

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Believe me I thought of that. 21 hours of music? 32 bit output? sounds perfect to me.
luckily my Opus#1 still functions, I just have to recharge the battery daily, getting max of 5 or 6 hours
out of a charge. I just hope it hangs on until either the SR15 is back, or Astell&Kern send me an SR25 !

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Or buy mine I have for sale as a backup :wink:

But, I would hope for a SR25 as well lol

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If I buy anything it would be the SR25.
I’m contemplating sending multiple emails with conflicting information, serial numbers, RMA numbers
and all sorts of subterfuge to confuse Astell & Kern so they send me back the SR25.
think it’ll work?


Does not hurt to try… lol