Headamp Aristaeus electrostatic amp for Stax and Senn HE90 (located In Toronto, Canada)

**Ships to:anywhere
Rare Headamp Aristaeus electrostatic tube headphone amp
Perfect for my Stax 009/007 and older Lambdas 303, 404 that I have, and the Senn HE90/HE60 (that I don’t have!). Has both Stax and HE90 plugs.
Retail is US$3999 HeadAmp Aristaeus Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier
Low hours as I have a few estat amps.
Includes stock quad matched GE ECL86 and pair JJECC83 tubes and umbilical cord
No mechanical, sonic or cosmetic issues.
Located in Toronto, Canada
Price is CAD$3400 which is around US$2800
Price does not include shipping or PayPal fees, if any.
My ad is also up at headfi where you can also see my feedback for worry-free trading
PRICE DROP: Headamp Aristaeus electrostatic amp for Stax and Senn HE90 (located in Canada) | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.org

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Price drop to CAD$3300 which is around US$2700

This beauty is still available

This rarity is Still available

If I still had any electrostatic headphones, and/or shipping from Canada wasn’t so frequently a cluster for me, I’d be all over this.

Partly because it’s damn near a work of art, partly because it is such a lovely sounding piece, and partly because it really is a rarity. I’ve seen/heard ONE vs. probably a dozen BHSEs.

Almost tempting enough to make me buy another eStat can …

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Yeh. She’s a beauty. A bit of a coincidence, but I was just coming to this thread to hold off on the sale of the Aristaeus for the reasons you stated. I am going to put my other amp for sale instead.

The sale of the aristaeus is off for now.