Headphone/Speaker selector box

I’m using a power amp to drive my headphones. This works fine, but I’d also like to use the amp for speakers as well. I’ve seen a few different speaker selector boxes online but they all look low quality.

I’m using a Benchmark AHB2 amp with LS50 Metas and Hifiman Susvaras.

Any recommendations for a speaker selector box?

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Thanks for the suggestion. That’s more than I’d want to spend though. I did see another luxman though at about $400. Still pricey but slightly more reasonable Luxman AS-50R Speaker Selector – AudioCubes.com

Niles Audio made some decent A/B boxes for this, they can be found on eBay often:

Also, there is a brand from the UK called Beresford. They have a decent one with two switches.


I have one of these that is versatile and well made. I don’t think they are available anymore. Let me know if you are interested.image

Do you know what its rated? I’ve seen some that can only do 100W per channel.

I know that the box can power AKG 1000s. How much power are you planning to use?

Take a look at Mapletree Audio.

I’ve never used their speaker selector, but I do have 2 of their switches (RCA and XLR), which are very well made.

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The amp is rated at 240W at 3 ohms.

I’ve had someone recommend maple tree but it was for a different product. I didn’t know they also made switches. I’ll have to check them out.