Headroom Audio

Has this company gone out of business? I’m waiting on a replacement standard amp from them from at least 3 years ago now, and nothing have come about their cosmick planers. Not sure if this is the place to be asking this, but you go to headroomaudio.com and its just a shopify landing page from what I can tell.

Headroom went out of business about 3 years ago and with them the Headroom amps are also discontinued. I can’t speak for the team that was there but I do not know if the Cosmic Planar are still a thing in the works or if they are dead in the water.


What’s funny is I thought headphones.com was headroom when I first saw the site months back. I remember browsing headroom in the mid 00s and loved their headphone comparison tool. My guess is the Cosmic’s are probably on hold or defunct judging by their website.

We actually purchased Headphone.com in April of 2018 and transitioned it over to Headphones.com this year as there was a lot of confusion between the two websites.

We get feedback on the headphone comparison tool quite often. The problem with the one in place is it get it running the startup cost was going to be very high along with large overhead to maintain it. However, there is going to be news regarding measurements coming down the pipeline in the future so make sure to keep an eye out for it!


You’d think I have gotten my money back for the standard which I paid for and which broke twice which they said they’d replace.

Any idea what happened or why they went out of business?

Figured you bought headphone.com, and I thought that cash might have helped them to stay afloat to get their stuff out.

Like replacement amps for the standards that broke, and the Cosmic planers.

After Til (however you spell his name) left, I guess that was the beginning of the end. Sad.

Although you guys seem to have a good thing going with headphones.com now although sell a lot less stuff than before. Not sure why this is?

One last thing.

That standard amp that they had for the few months I loved that thing.

Think it came out the end of Oct 2015, and by March 2016 I had sent in the first replacement.

Wish I knew what happened as they never sent emails saying they were going out of business nor did they send anything about our money being given back for the amp replacements.