How started my audiophile journey

Back in the late 90s/early 00s, a friend and I attended an audio show in midtown Manhattan. We knew nothing. I remember one of the areas was playing some led zepplin, and we were amazed that it was vinyl. Vinyl! My friend had just bought a diamond rio mp3 player.

Anyway we stumbled into the headroom table, and they had a contest, something like you’d find at a carnival. Well I won one of their early portable headphone amps! I think they were shocked to hear that I didn’t even own headphones, so they gave me a a pair of grado sr60s.

And that did it, I drank the cool aid and went down the hole. I bought the portable amp, an nad c350, apt holman pre, many many speakers, a few dit kits, a systemdek and vpi hw19 turntable. I bought some hd600 then hd650s. Today I have a hifiman 400i hooked into a headroom maxed out home amp.

Hi my name is rif, and I have an on audiophile gadget problem:crazy_face:


Welcome to you riff. Glad to have you. Enjoy!

God have mercy on your wallet. :wink: