HeadRoom BitHead


I have an old (8-10 yr?) HeadRoom BitHead that I use with my ATH M50s. I love the crossfeed feature, and hate to part with it.

I sometimes get sound from one side only, and have changed and recharged batteries. I’d love to keep them going, for crossfeed, so has anybody experienced this and have advice?

Thank you in advance.
Earl of Mangwich

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How long ago was it purchased?:


It honestly sounds like a goner. The good news is total bitheads are selling for around 35 buck shipped on eBay. A regular bitheads might be even less.


The new unit sounds like the best idea. I was going to suggest you try a good electronics cleaner, in case it was the switch or some contacts. However unless you have it laying around, it’s cheaper to buy another unit.

The cleaner of choice used to be TWEEK, but that’s become unobtainium for years. CRC makes an electronics cleaner, but it’s much heavier. Stabilant 22 appears to be the successor to TWEEK, but at $59 a bottle, the EBay option is calling.


Hmm $59 a bottle for cleaner solution? Is it made from liquefied diamonds…?

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Ha - a 5ml bottle at that. You can buy cheaper perfume. (Not from Chanel, though)

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I have been looking on Ebay for a HeadRoom Total Bithead with no luck. If anyone can provide a link I would be real happy!!


They come up on eBay about 2-3 times per month. You can see this if you do a search for Headroom Total Bithead, then check to show completed items.

Just be patient, it’ll come up eventually.


I bought one for $25 on eBay. They routinely pop up pretty cheap.



Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!!



You’re welcome, have you found one yet?


I have one I have no use for…lightly used.