Help for sore ears with IEMitis

Returning again to Etymōtic earphones after a number of years reminded the less than comfortable process of getting used to the way they fit in your ears. This is true about a lot of IEM’s. There is a big help for this problem learned from a career working at a Veteran’s Hospital. Colloidal silver gel. What I use is Silver Miracles Gel, no alcohol, no petroleum products. Just pure water gel. It is great for helping with the irritation of new IEM’s.


You might want to read about this on WebMD before using:

Just out of curiosity, what kind of irritation? Some allergic reaction of some sort, or just general pain in the cartilage due IEM insertion?

Not an allergy that is a whole different thing. This is irritation from pressure, and abrasion, The drug contradictions are mostly from ingestion this is strickly topical.

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