Hifiman HE6Se V2

I have not heard the Jot 2 so I cannot be of much assistance there.

But, honestly, I am thankful that my HE6seV2 ownership pushed me to pick the FA10. I essentially bought the amp for these headphones alone. Now that I have been listening to my other phones on the FA10 I am so happy I purchased it. The high wattage and class A current output seems to make everything in the collection sound better. The Clears sound great; the HD650 has never sounded better to me; I’ve got some Argons that I haven’t listened to in over year that are just killer through the FA10.

Having experienced the FA10 now with my other phones, even if I did not own the HE6’s, I would buy this amp.


That’s what 10.5 W at 50 Ohms does haha! The FA-10 really is a monster powerplant on its own.

Thanks for the insight. Now I’m even more lost as to whether I should get the Jot 2 or the FA-10. Decisions, decisions…


If you can swing it, I’d recommend going for the FA-10. The Jot 2 is good for what you pay but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.


It seems that these are currently available for $649 (so another $50 off).


Man, that is tempting. Just need to remind myself that I have very little time to listen to over ears.

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I have decided to get the Jot 2 over the FA-10, and this is primarily because I want to have something to look forward to. The FA-10 I think will be the end for me under the $1000 mark. I’m also keeping in mind that Flux Labs Acoustics is still relatively new so I’m sure they will be making huge advances in their designs over the next couple of years (crossing my fingers because I want that 10.5 W into 50 ohms powerplant but with, say, a better design coughs pre-amp function coughs).

Well, either the Jot 2 or the Monolith Liquid Platinum which I’ve heard good reviews about. If the MLP somehow goes on sale down to $500 before I place the order for Jot 2, I might jump ship to that instead. Problem with the MLP is it’s a hybrid SS/Tube amp, and the tubes are a separate rabbit hole on their own and I’m not sure I’m ready to go down it (yet).

I decided to stay away from speaker amps because of possibly blowing up my cans. And I love these so much so I’m not willing to take the risk. Yes, I’ve read it’s safe and all that but I lack any knowledge on safely hooking up headphones to power amps.

This will probably end my journey for a passable desktop setup, at least for a few years. This forum has been very helpful and I would like to thank everyone here.

I’d probably still keep lurking though lol. Until next time!


Be warned: There is a strong correlation between reading high-if forums and uncontrollable urges to upgrade.

The Jot2 looks like a great choice for you. Hope you get many years of happiness out of it!


That’s the truth! :smiley:


I have heard from multiple sources that the jot 2 is the best bang for your buck to power the he6se.

It’s on my list in general if I ever want to get a desktop amp again. It seems to be very good value.

Logical choice!


Agreed. Headphone Forums are the Devils work. Frequenting them will lead to Chronic severe Upgradeitis, for which there is no known cure.


Hifiman HE6SE V2 are $649 at Adorama and testing my resolve not to buy any more headphones.
It’s more tempting since I already have very nice aftermarket cables with the required 3.5 mm earcup connectors… :sweat_smile:

What a great review! Thank you!
Do you have a link for the more open rear grills you are using?

Think these?