HiFiMan Susvara Over-Ear Planar Headphone - Official Thread

My interest is also science based.


That’s what I tell my wife - for science and learning.


LCD5 is the real deal, but it’s quite technical.

Ultimately it’s probably going to be moving on as Susvara is still the overall better HP



question is when would you pick up your sennheisers 600 series when you have all those juicy flagships to choose from?

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One of those is the HE60 electrostat (baby orpheus) which is probably my favorite of the lot!

HD580 and HD580 Jubilee even more so (if valuing tone), are just the best headphones ever made for a natural timbre and neutral response - just don’t expect deep bass or top of the line detail from these.

Musicality is sometimes more important than technical ability. A balancing act of both is what makes a headphone very special - only a handful of those exist.

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with all the new HP’s it appears nothing has yet bested the susvara or abyss…

Or Raal SR1-a! Interesting comments from Dandawhite. Maybe the LCD5 is more of a competitor for the Raals than Susvara. I have Raal/Sus/1266 as they cover the whole spectrum. I’m waiting for CRBN and will borrow my good friend’s LCD5 when he gets them - if he can part with them!
There is no “only one headphone”!


This is a very impressive collection @dandawhite.

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Without taking EQ into account, the susvara, compared to the LCD-5, has slightly better tonality with a bit more realistic clarity. However, if you elect to use EQ, then the LCD-5 can be on the same plane, tonality wise, as the susvara. The difference between the two boils down to better percussive sounds on the LCD-5, while the susvara has a slightly larger soundstage.

For me personally, I prefer the LCD-5 for a few reasons. First, I absolutely love hearing a realistic sounding drum punch and kick. The susvara never could quite get that right for my ears. Secondly, the LCD-5 is much easier to drive, and sounds great on a wider range of amplifiers. Lastly, I always felt like I had to baby the susvaras because they felt so fragile. It was a bit stressful moving them around; I felt like a small piece of dirt or hair could just fall right into the driver and destroy the can, or the yoke would break off if I put too much force on them. I have no such issue with the LCD-5, it is built like a tank in comparison.


I personally think Susvara with EQ is also a great candidate and can have a very convincing low end.

Out of box, LCD5 definitely does slam more, but it’s much more one-noty and less expansive. This creates that sense of dynamism at the expense of breathing room.

LCD5 is quite intimate, it’s definitely fantastically tuned (one of the bests ever), but I personally prefer Susvara and LCD-R over them by a fair margin, and also find LCD4 with EQ or the good ol HE6 a more convincingly real and enjoyable listen.

Force me to keep just one and liquidate everything, I’d probably buy my LCD5 back :slight_smile:


My Susvara came in today and I’m running it with a Burson Funk. Even with this amplifier, it is better heaphone than my others by far (Utopia, LCD-5). My Bakoon AMP-13R is on its way.


You have an impressive collection of TOTL headphones. What is it about the Susvara that you like more than the other 2?


I find the Susvara has as much (or more) detail than the others, but is less fatiguing to listen to. I find the the LCD-5 and the Utopia to be a bit on the shouty side.


hey @triggsviola! welcome to the headphones.com community! I think you’ll be in for a treat with the sus and bakoon. It should be a great combo


I actually just wrote a particularly relevant comment to this question on the LCD-5 thread. Pay attention to point 2. This is where susvara can run into a lot of issues on lower end amps that kinda have enough power but not realy (GSX-mini is a great example of that range)

So, this isn’t really a FR thing. Instead its largely a control/slam/impact thing (that again, isn’t commonly measured even if it was measurable). Maybe this would show up in a CSD with a bad amp and a good one, but im realy not sure tbh.

the 13R, 23R and ORR will all properly drive Sus. The GSX-mini will not. If you are looking for something cheaper than the OOR you can look at the V281. Not the end all be all, but it sufficiently powers sus in a smaller foot print ~1200 used

you need the hypsos as well so its 2x as high, but yah, they are both small.

Mind if I ask what amps you use for these? Just curriosity on my end tbh

Yah boi. LCD-R end game. Its not the best technicaly (certainly great but not on sus/HE-60 levels), but something about them just makes me adore the hell out of em.

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Thought these came out cool


Finally got around to doing this, if anyone is interested to read: