HiFiMan Susvara Over-Ear Planar Headphone - Official Thread


Oh, I mean, cool pic bro! :+1:t3:

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@Inkey31 I think they are excellent headphones that I wouldn’t buy lol… The HPA4 powers them easily… I might prefer the TT2 sound more though.

@driftingbunnies LIES!!!

@ProfFalkin we are still good ha :wink:


@DarthPool do you have the M-Scaler as well? Would definitely recommend giving it a whirl with those cans.

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They are REALLY picky with amps.
They don’t generally sound bad on anything, but their party trick to me is the low volume dynamics.
That and some of the detail retrieval were really limited on all but 2 of my amps.
On the DNA Stratus for example they don’t sound bad, they get plenty loud enough, but after hearing them on my OG Cavalli Liquid Gold or the Woo WA33 I bought specifically for them, they sound constrained by comparison.


I do not have an Mscaler… one day :wink: but right now most of my funds for toys is going towards camera gear…


Just try out an eval version of HQPlayer with Sinc-M filter to get a comparable effect.

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Any thoughts on the new version of the liquid gold with the susvara? Also there is an article that says that the new idsd diablo works well with them for a transportable setup, but I’m wondering if that’s just marketing :roll_eyes:

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Haven’t heard one, and I could be wrong but I wouldn’t expect a lot from it.
To be clear I think the Monoprice Liquid Platinum, that I did own, was an excellent value, and I’m sure the Monoprice LiquidGold+ is a really nice amp for the money.
But while it has the same topolgy, it’s less powerful, and the original is in a box that’s at least 8x the size, has a much larger linear PSU in the box and heats that box hot enough to be uncomfortable to the touch.

I think a lot of why people like speaker amps on the Susvara is the headroom not in the amp per-se, (1 W will get it loud) but in the power supplies ability to respond to changing current demands.

I actually picked up my Original Liquid Gold when looking for a Used Bakoon 13R, I just missed one listed on USAudioMart when the Liquid Gold was listed.

I avoided buying a Susvara until I had an amp that I knew would power it well, and I ended up buying another one after I purchased it.
If your going to spend 3K+ used on a headphone, you should really IMO be looking at electronics in the same price range.
For point of reference I run mine
Aqual LaVoce S3 → (Cavalli Liquid Gold | Woo WA33) → Susvara

Other amps I considered when I picked up the Woo, Tarafomatic Primavera, Viva Egoista 845, integrated amps by the same companies.
I’d have picked up whatever turned up first at the right price.

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the bakoon is a fantastic pairing with the susvara and pretty much anything…amazing amp given the tiny footprint

I actually have a few speaker amps at home (Naim Uniti, Peachtree Nova 300, Hegel H160) that I will try with the susvara that I just ordered :smile: also a Fiio M15 dap that can output about 1w for my IEMS. I travel more that half of the year so I’m looking for something transportable to use while I’m on the road. I have convinced myself that getting a susvara with a transportable amp is better than getting any other headphone that can be powered more efficiently with my dap, I might be wrong but I was just so underwhelmed by the Empyrean’s I got a couple of months ago.

I feel like I’m looking for the holy grail, a “powerful” dac/amp combo that weighs less than 10 lbs to use when I’m staying in hotels for months at a time.


As a point of reference, If I were limite to the DNA Stratus (an ~3W amp) as my only amp, i’d rather have the D8KPro than the Susvara.
There is a huge hit if you do not amplify them properly.
They don’t sound bad, but they can be quite underwhelming.

The A90 or Liquid X should do OK, my theory is that when the Susvara’s came out amps were around 2W to 1W at 32Ohm, now amps are pushing 12W at 16ohm or 4.8W at 50Ohm.

The HPA4 from Benchmark does 3W at 32Ohm. Amps now do more then that, and that was the AMP Hifiman recommended, so I heard… don’t quote me on that.

However, I would bet an amp that can do 5.8W at 50Ohm’s like the IFi pro would be great with the Susvara, thinking about trying that amp out.

Unless I am missing something, could be, still a noob at AMPs.

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I don’t think it’s about raw power.

Do you like the WA33 or Liquid Gold more with Susvara? What volume position are you on with both, around 12 o’clock? I used to have a Liquid Gold but only used it with Utopia and LCD4, didn’t have Susvara back then. It is a really great headphone amp.

Both are good.
I’m a sucker for tubes, and the DNA was sounding strained with the Susvara which is why I picked up the WA33.
I’m running stock tubes in the WA33 right now, with the addition of an NOS RCA rectifier, which makes it a bit quicker and provides a more focused stage.
If I could keep one, it would probably be the WA33, more convincing stage, possibly a bit harsher treble (though I think that could be addressed with tubes), but I do love the liquid gold.
I run both around 9:00 on high gain, though it Depends a bit on the recording, as low as 8, or as high as 11.


all of these amps have more than ample power…it is about way more than just power…I have used numerous amps with the susvara…the formula s/powerman while only 6 watts/16 ohms is wonderful with it…better than far more powerful wells amps IMHO…the ifi ican is pretty good but the bakoon 13r which is 25/8 I think does 4 watts into the susvara and is the very best I have heard…once you get to the amount of power needed it then becomes a question of all the nuances of the different amps

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Has anyone tried listening to their Susvara’s with the Focal Arche? I understand that this would be far from ideal but was wondering if it would sound decent at moderate volumes.

Eventually I’ll get a proper amp (lots of great recommendations in this forum) but the Arche will have to do for now.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but I would be in the get different headphone if you can’t drive them properly camp.
They’ll probably sound fine, but you will very likely be disappointed.
As I’ve said previously, if I only had my DNA amp, I’d take the D8000Pro and probably several other headphones over a Susvara, you just don’t get what makes them special.

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No worries Polygon, I appreciate the response and suggestions. I was more curious about how far from ideal the Susvara would sound with the Arche. I’m sure I’ll love the Susvara and I’d be happy to even reach 70% of it’s potential with my current gear. I guess I’m in the ‘don’t bother with stepping stone headphones if you know you’re eventually going to get X headphone’ camp.

My plan is to get the Susvara, SR1a and JotR this year and take my time finding the perfect amp for the Susvara. I’ve done something similar long ago when I purchased the Sennheiser HD650 without having an amp that drove them to their full potential. I still enjoyed them for years driven by a meager 20mW (Fiio e17 Alpen) before finding amps that really woke them up.

Btw I purchased the Focal Stellia/Arche last year based primarily on this forum’s excellent reviews (especially Torq’s written review and Resolve’s YT review) and many key people here have gained my respect and trust which is why I’m confident I’ll really like the Susvara’s. My only regret with the Stellia/Arche is I didn’t buy them from here!

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As long as your expectations are appropriate, the Susvara is certainly something you can “grow into” as you scale the rest of your equipment. When not properly amped, bass will suffer, you might get some dynamic compression and/or not be able to play as loud, and it will sound more closed in (sufficient power gives an open effortless sound). You still get great timbre and as much detail as your upstream equipment can provide. Again, as long as you can live with the tradeoffs in the interim, it’s still a reasonable way to go.

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