HiFiMan Susvara Over-Ear Planar Headphone - Official Thread

I’m surprised Euforia can drive Susvara - according to Feliks’s own site, Euforia is only packing 250mW. You’re saying it actually does the job?

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It’s so good someone’s ear apparently fell off in the foreground.

(I know, it’s for measurements)


That’s likely at 300ohm, since all the rest of their specs are done at that.


Gives new context to using a Blue Velvet potentiometer, as if David Lynch was taking headphone measurements


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How the hell are you guys gonna top off this one for July!? A car!? A house!!? Lol

Awesome guys, keep up the good work!


Headphones Taped To A Wall in July.


giving away Susvara so you can sell Bakoon. Smart.


Or Apple dongles… :wink:


Oh Wow! So where’s the sign up for the giveaway? Thanks.

Back in late Nov/Dec 2017 I was making a decision between the Abyss Phi and one of the (early?) HiFiMan 1000 models and I have been wondering about the Susvara as an addition to my headphone menagerie of late. I remember the 1000 was ideally sized and comfy and pretty good with my classical music. After auditioning both in home for over a week I think the flimsy feel was what turned me off at the time but I haven’t heard of anyone having any more issues with HiFiMan than any other TOTL phone. (I didn’t care for the sound of the original 1266 either until the Phi iteration came about).

EDIT: got in over at Head-Fi and signed up. I signed in at headphones.com but just couldn’t find the link. All good now, I think, LOL!


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It’s not bad at all.


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This car:

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I don’t want to mess with tubes and their issues and don’t want to pay so much for the WA33 so I am hoping the Bakoon R13 will be the final answer for amplification between DAVE and the Susvara so can use one amp for all head phones and avoid a dedicated speaker amp just for the Susvara. I believe the R13 is both HP and speaker amp at 25 w per chan. I can’t afford a Riviera and want to stay away from tubes. Also, has anyone heard the ZMF VC with DAVE and compared to Utopia or HEKse straight from DAVE without an amp?

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Did you ever have a chance to compare the Bakoon to the Formula/Powerman combo? I also wonder about the tube amps like WA33 and RIVIERA AIC10 but the latter two may not be comparable in price? I personally want to avoid tubes. Can you PM me regarding where you finally purchased both your Susvara and Bakoon from and prices? I will be using it with the CHORD DAVE and upscaler.

Will a pad swap with any of the ZMF Offerings increase the forward depth of the sound stage closer to the HEKse or Abyss???

IMOH, Nothing you can do to a ZMF to make it come close to an Abyss or Sus, Maybe HEKse but I still doubt it. ZMF headphones are very picky and require specifics to sound good.

They are not bad headphones, but they are not in the same range of technology ether.

I try several of them in my time. It was a no-go for me.


DAVE has more than enough power to drive the VC, Utopia and HEKse directly, all the way to 120 dB, with headroom to spare. I typically use DAVE’s direct output for my solid-state listening from VC and Utopia. Adding an amp to DAVE for those headphones, will just reduce transparency and add color (i.e. distortion) for no real gain.

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I haven’t observed ZMF pad swaps to have this effect. Such may be more impacted by the chosen electronics.

It may be unfair to expect equivalent technical performance for headphones with such a large price difference. In addition, an amp that is ideal for a lower sensitivity/impedance Abyss or Hifiman is unlikely to be ideal for a higher sensitivity/impedance ZMF, and vice versa.

I agree and experienced this with my Mogwai SE and VC - not the ideal pairing for my preferences.

To your point, perhaps part of the discussion is the general characteristics of dynamics vs planars: https://www.headphones.com/community/reviews-learning-and-news/planar-magnetic-vs-dynamic-driver-headphones-which-is-better.


@Carm has DAVE + Bakoon + Sus + VC + Utopia… he may be able to give some insight if he ever sees this.

bakoon 13r is overkill for the utopia…in fact I think the utopia out of dave direct is best given it is so efficient…the bakoon is best for susvara or abyss or lcd-4