Susvara or?

The type of headphone I am looking for is:
Open back and or close back.

My price range is:
3k to 6k

I like to listen to:
Jazz, Classical, EDM, Chill step.

I will be using them for: Home with iCan Pro.

Stellias or Susvara?
I owned mostly openback and my first good closed back is the Elegia and I am super happy with them.


Rosson Audio - RAD-0 - Official Thread ?

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Using them for travel and gym?


Sorry I used the template :stuck_out_tongue:

U think so? RAD 0? @Resolve thoughts on susvara vs Rad 0?

If you’re super happy with the Elegia. Leave it there?

Could $6k enrich your life elsewhere?

Otherwise, I’d go Susvara personally of those two.


We could :slight_smile:

I already did all the house upgrade #adulting :slight_smile:

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Susvara hands down. Not only does it have better technical capability and (in my opinion) a more clarity-oriented FR, it’s also more comfortable and lighter. The RAD-0 I reviewed was very impressive for its price, but I don’t think it quite competes with the summit headphones like Susvara, LCD4, and AB1266tc.


Haha, fair enough.

Summit-Fi has savage diminishing returns. Comes down more to personal preferences, aesthetics, comfort, how it triggers the buyers happy feeling everytime you look at it.

The Susvaras look special. I’d take them on looks alone!


ZMF Verite Closed… just saying, then get a nice tube amp, and save 1-2k… or get the RAAL SR1a and break your brain :wink:

My top two headphones SR1A and ZMF Verite Closed.

Even the SR1A and Jotunheim R combo is $2k cheaper than the Susvara and to me sounds better…but I’ve only briefly heard the susvara a couple of times in demo environments


This right here… I didn’t think about this one…
Mhhhhhhhhhh this is interesting.

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I would ask a different question, what is the experience you’re looking to have. Are you looking for a stationary listening experience, or do you want to be mobile? What type of listening do you want to do lean forward analytical list or a more laid back Maxwell style experience?

If it is a more stationary and lean forward, do you have the right AMP? A solid-state is an excellent choice; Examples are SPL Phonitor X or Xe or Headamp GS-X Mini. I am sure the community has a few more names for a recommendation?

For more a laid back experaince, kicked back in your favorite chair with a long cord on the headphone, do you have Tube Amp. I am sure the Crew can come up with many ideas, I am currently using ZMF Pendant to drive the Susvara. There are many great Tube amps. AMP&SOUND like Pendant sister the Leeloo ( little lower noise due to Solid-state rectifier), Eddie Current, etc. Still seeking the perfect chair for my combo so i can have the Pendant next to me with streamer and shut lights off and kick back with Susvara.

Once this is in place you set to enjoy Susvara or Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC.

Now, if you go RAAL-Requisite SR1a, I would just pick up there new RAAL solid state AMP Torq is testing.

Now if you are looking for something more mobile, pair with DAP, iPad, iPhone, Andriod Phone, For dynamics it would be Focal Stelia & Utopia. For Planners right now, I like the RAD-0. Note this Headphone can also be used in the context of above, but you do not need crazy power for them, For the Focal’s, you will not need anything more then RME ADI-2 DAC fs to power them.

On the RAD-0 @Resolve personally, it holds its own with LCD-4 now that I have A/B them on several sources. I love you do not have to eq it. The best part is you save 120 -170 grams off your head with the current crop. You can drive it with significantly more sources and still get an enjoyable experience.


Thanks for your recommendation and post.

I am not looking for a new AMP, I am looking for something that will flow well with my current AMP’s, mainly the one listed on my first post iFi iCan Pro .
If that does not have enough juice to drive this HP, Nothing will. :rofl:

I do want to note that I am not ready for full fledged tube amps, that will spark a new hobby on me of tube rolling lol… and I am not ready for that yet :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not going to be mobile.

Though @DarthPool gave a good recommendation given that I can probably score something totally different and get a better bang for the buck.

This is going to be for my primary chill station.


Yeah the latest versions are way more comfy than the one I reviewed. For me, the Susvara is still more comfortable though.

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@Resolve I agree even lighter and more comfortable. I still want to try the RAD-0 pad on it since it.

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At that pricing level, I would serious suggest you purchase something with a generous trial period, and friendly return policy. Fit and comfort would be very important in my selection.

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Yup, that store is called :smiley:


I would have to fully agree with that. I just bought my second pair of headphones from @taronlissimore

Service is excellent.


Decision has been made and order has been placed. Super excited about the Susvara decision.

Nice, was it?

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