How much storage do you use for your music?

I couldn’t figure out where to put this subject but since it has to do with music, maybe this will fit?

As the topic says, those of you that burn cd’s, purchase music, etc, how much storage on an average do you use?

I mainly stream but I had a box of cd’s sitting in the closet and thought about dragging them out and burning them to do. A little bit of exploring burned cd’s versus streaming or a nice combination of the two.



A CD holds about 700 MB or 0.7 GB. A one TB drive holds 1,000 GB. That amounts to 1,428 CDs if they were 100% full. In practice most CDs are not anywhere near full, so you may fit 2,000+ albums on a one TB drive. Such a drive or even a 5 TB drive is very cheap these days.

I’ve ripped my CDs twice. The first time was a fail because Apple’s’ software reports no errors when there are errors. The second time I used Exact Audio Copy and generated logs versus online database checks. My CD archive of perhaps 600 to 800 discs easily fits in 500 GB as uncompressed WAV files.


with the prices and options of 2tb to 4tb or more, that sounds like more than enough to last a very long time. Plus adding streaming, anything over 4tb sounds like over kill.

I recently bought a 5TB drive for something around $100. Don’t buy last year’s product when this year’s version is about the same cost. IMO.

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do you do spinning disk’s or ssd’s? My brain can’t shake using only ssd’s. They do have failure over long continuous use but were not using them in an enterprise environment.

I buy both. SSDs are fast but go really bad when they go bad. Spinning platters predictably go bad too. CD playback is very slow and even a dinosaur hard drive is more than fast enough. However, I only buy USB 3 items because USB 2 is dog slow for file transfers.

Per the RAID model, two copies gets around predictable failures.


We use ssd’s in an enterprise environment for computation and I see them go bad (but after several years) all the time. I definitely see longer life with spinning platters even in computation of 10 years or more. Again, enterprise. I over think everything, go figure. Gives a lot of food for thought.


I have a Innuos Zen Mini with 2TB for ripped CDs and music bought on Bandcamp. At the moment its memory is used at 21% having tons of CDs and 1000 albums on Bandcamp. Everything is in flac format.


If I remember correctly the Zen Mini and Zen have spinning disks and Zennith has ssd’s. Do you find flac better?

If I remember correctly, not sure what levels (mini, zen or zennith) have the ability to run roon server. Do you use the innous software to manage your cd’s?

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My music currently takes up about 4TB, I have it on 2x 2TB HDDs. I have an exact copy on another 2x 2TB HDDs at work.

In fact, all my data is on 2TB drives (except the local stuff which is on SSDs), 5x in total (plus 5x backups). The reason I opt for 2TB drives is because it takes less time to create a new copy if one goes bad.


Approx 1500 CD’s = 500 GB of FLAC files ripped.

I’ve got full copies of those files on 4 separate hard drives that are new to 3 years old. I cycle out the drives every 4 years or so. Redundant, Replication & Replacement.

Mark Gosdin


Your memory’s right.
I find flac to be a good format compromise for my needs.
All Innuos can be used as Roon Core.
I’ve used it that way until InnuOS 2.0 has been released.
With the 2.0 I really don’t need the extra money anymore, it gives me all the functions I was using in Roon for free and I don’t use EQ so Innuos Sense on my phone as a remote and organizer is more than sufficient for my needs.

Do you use Innuos to stream also? and find it pretty comprehensible? a lot of features that steaming vendors use such as artists suggestion or similar artists to explore new music? I’ve seen where some music streamer vendors come up with software but leave out key features of qobuz for example.

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I have about have a terabyte of music; on my storage NAS (truenas) and served up to Roon, Plex, etc etc… Recommend a good nas (TrueNas, Synology, Qnap) so you can do a proper RAID; losing data I spent a long time ripping gives me nightmares. haha. An x86 version of Qnap (and Synology I think) can run the Roon core for you too; if that’s your thing.

PS. Oh, and also backup. the old saying… RAID isn’t a backup

InnuOS 2.0 has been made following the structure of Qobuz.
I personally don’t use streaming services but I’ve a work account for Qobuz for reviews and comparative listening. The sound quality is good to my ears even if I perceive better sound quality from local files.
The integration of Qobuz and Tidal is perfect and you keep all the suggestion for artists and similar functions.
The InnuOS Sense app is extremely clear, easy to use, well designed.
It has been launched in September and we’re now at InnuOS 2.0.8 so regular updates are made.
For me the whole Innuos system is one of the better experience I’ve had with such kind of products.
You can connect NAS to it too.
Innuos doesn’t support WiFi on their product because of interferences and possible signal degradation so you have to consider a small extender in order to make it work.
For my needs and use, both as audiophile and professional, it is perfect.

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I have an extender with a network connection that seems to work rather well. Some reason the upload and download is slower than the speeds I paid for or the rest of the house but that could be the weird app that Netgear uses (Nighthawk). I was able to stream a 196k with around 12mbs for that album with no stutter or issues. So wired connect should be good. I don’t expect much over 196k and if so, I’d rather use a local copy to avoid any potential stream issue if there ever was one.

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Redundant array of inexpensive disks are for fault tolerance. It’s nice if you have failing disks, swap out the failing disk, let it rebuild and move on. Backups are backups though. A NAS is probably still a good thing to backup your burned copies. I’ve been a backup and recovery admin for over 10 years with enterprise level software, so I understand a little of backups.

Cool. good luck with whatever your trying to do then

I do appreciate the input, I always listen. A lot of listening, trying and learning on what is coming up of a year in this hobby but I’ve started enjoying audio with boom box somewhere in the late 70’s.

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I’m coming up on 60 TB (all legal) in my local library.

The primary copy is on a Synology DS1821+ (running dual-drive redundancy). I have a second local DS1821+, in the same configuration, backing that up. And then two separate copies in the cloud (geographically diverse, different infrastructure, different providers).

The most recent 10 TB addition is mostly needle-drops I’m having done from my 12,000 LP collection back in the UK (on high-end gear I bought for the purpose).