Size of Music Library

Alright people, time to lay 'em out and measure!

How many songs do you have in your library and how much space (physically or digitally) does it take up?

I figured this would be a fun way to see how crazy we all are. (other than the rest of the forum)

Note: I’m not counting any streaming services like Tidal or Spotify because that’s cheating.

I’ll be First.

All digital (FLAC)
~441 GB
16,829 Songs


Approaching 3,000 CD’s and they take up a large amount of space, LOL!
But then, I started acquiring CD’s in 1982 (I think that was the year).

A few thousand CD’s, 34 SACD, 1320 LP’s, about 200 Flac files with such an easy access to Qobuz and TIDAL my hording has slowed down. :smile:

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  1. I only use streaming services atm (Tidal + Spotify), but plan on starting to try and build a music library eventually.

I’m somewhere in the vicinity of 600GB. Most are FLAC and ALAC but I have quite a few that were imported before I realized that there was an ALAC option for importing.

I was touching 1TB in the halcyon days of What.CD and (10/23 never forget).

In terms of physical media, 17" by 18.5" by 43" for 13,525.5 cubic inches or 7.83 cubic feet or 0.221 cubic meters. I haven’t bought physical discs for years, and have maybe 700 still around.

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These wax cylinders take up a lot of room,

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319 GB, approx 12,400 songs in FLAC. Duplicated in WAVE & MP3 gives a total of 974 GB.

13 Storage Boxes hold a little over 100 CD’s each, total of 1389 CD’s.

Mark Gosdin