Ifi Audio hip-dac Dac/headphone amplifier


The hip-dac is an incredible piece of gear. What it gives you for the price is a lot more than I ever expected. Cool design, solid feeling, a good amount of power, a useful bass boost function, balanced drive, nice volume knob.

The only two things I would really want to change is ditch the usb A data connection for usb C and a larger capacity battery, if it is possible without making the unit bigger.

But I love my hip-dac as it is, it’s such a neat little package.


Aye. USB c to rule them all.

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I want the same thing for hip-dac 2.0 xD

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“The iFi hip-dac, is simply put, the best-looking portable DAC we’ve ever seen… We were impressed by just how much of a difference the hip-dac made to the sound of our headphones; even when using some of the best headphones we’ve ever tested” - @techradar

Read the full review here:


Woke up this morning to find that my hip dac is broken somehow and only has output to the left channel. :frowning:

Hi James!

Can you open up a support ticket with us here? We’ll start the RMA process for you.



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Appreciate the compliments! Happy to help always.


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Thanks, buddy! Appreciate the kind words.